Unit 7 opening weekend in Basildon – 12th to 15th November 2015

Unit 7 Basildon

When I was younger, I had no interest in going clubbing before I was old enough. I can’t work out what it was that didn’t ‘click’ for me, but I just didn’t fancy it. With a main clubbing venue on my doorstep (I live five minutes from the Basildon Festival Leisure Park), I didn’t really ever fancy just walking down the road and going out.

Then, when I turned 18, and actually went to a nightclub, I couldn’t stop myself. How convenient it became to just walk across the road and be clubbing. Our squad used to start with a good drink at mine, walk down in flip flops, hide the flip flops in the bush, then pick them back up walking home so our feet didn’t hurt in our heels. Classy! (and if any of my friends read this, Lucy, Little Em, you will remember it well!).

So I spent a few years causing various shenanigans in Liquid. God there was loads to list. Coming out of the toilet to all the lights on and an empty club and saying to the bouncer ‘god how long was I in there’. Being basically banned from McDonalds for trying to stick my head under the little window. Stealing about 100 signs (sorry Chigcargo’s). Trying to push over a salt bin. Walking home worse for wear over a building site. I’ve had some good memories of that place, but then I hung up my heels.

I can’t quite work out why I haven’t been clubbing over there for about four years. It can’t be me getting old as I still cause enough shenanigans in London and when I go abroad, I just haven’t felt like the clubbing scene over there has been the same.

I’ve seen the coming and going of Sky Bar and Liquid and Envy, and I’ve always looked at the empty Sky Bar building longingly wishing I could actually afford to buy it and turn it into a decent club.

Well, someone evidently had the same idea as me, and more money, and it has now been turned into Unit 7, which promises to be a super club split over three floors. I’ve been invited to the launch, so I would love to see anyone local who reads my blog for a drink.

Here is the official press release:

A brand new clubbing experience is coming to Basildon, with £3 million venue Unit 7 launching next month – the single biggest investment in a UK regional nightclub in a decade.

Operated by The Deltic Group, the triple-scene, 1,700 capacity venue at Festival Leisure Park creates 80 new jobs and will set unrivalled standards of sound, service and entertainment in the area.

The official launch weekend takes place on Thursday 12, Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November. The first in a series of crowd-pulling names set to perform, DJ and producer Philip George, famed for smash hit ‘Wish You Were Mine,’ makes a guest appearance on Thursday 12 November.

Darren Guyon, Unit 7 general manager, said: “Split over 3 levels, Unit 7 is set to offer clubbers a unique experience in a state-of-the-art setting. Customers can expect a line-up of internationally acclaimed DJs, 21 private booths, table service and the latest light and sound technology. We look forward to welcoming them and seeing their reaction to this amazing new venue.”

Three distinct dance rooms ensures the club will appeal to all tastes. Studio will be the place to party, with club classics and party anthems. House fans are set to be wowed by Arena, while Rhythm will offer an R&B vibe. Bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Essex, the venue will even boast a roof-top bar, Montego Bay, specialising in rum cocktails.

On Thursday 12 November, doors open at 8pm with free admissions before 11pm. Further information, including how to book tickets in advance, is available on our website www.unit7nightclub.co.uk or find us on social media @unit7bas

I’ll be there on the Friday of the official launch weekend to get some blogging done and find out a bit more about what they are about. See you all on the dancefloor.


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