Edge Nails


There are a few things in life I will sit still for. The Hunger Games. To eat crisps. Occasionally I’ll sit still and listen to someone if I really like them (if I don’t I’ve been known to wander off mid conversation, sorry).

Getting my nails, eyebrows or eyelashes done or having a hair cut is my own form of personal nightmare. Knowing that I am being forced by another person to actually sit still is about as pleasant as seeing Christmas decorations in the shops in August, so most of the time, I do my own nails.

When Edge Nails asked me if I wanted to try a few products, I was over the moon, because I promptly looked down at my nails and realized they looked like they had been done by a 2 year old with some felt tips.

The vintage nail files they sent me were lovely. They are really sturdy and can survive me popping one in my work and gym bags which really go through it when I chuck them in lockers. The patterns are pretty as well and make me feel actually girly.

They sent me some pads and nail varnish remover, and theirs is really good.I always find some nail varnish remover and or pads can leave stains on your nails which look like you have fallen down and then clawed your way out of a well, or something less dramatic.

If you are a nail varnish fanatic, I’d get onto their website and have a look. They sent me a lovely blue and also a pink, but when I had a look at their magazine they literally do hundreds of colours. I own about three nail varnishes so it was nice for me to be able to branch out from my usual red.

You can follow them on Twitter on http://www.twitter.com/edgenails


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