Luxemme Free Christmas Vouchers

Luxemme £15 Voucher Giveaway


A few months ago, I blogged about my Olive Lace Two Piece from Luxemme. I have to say, there are a handful of companies that have really impressed me with their products and services, and Luxemme was one of them.

I love the two piece they sent me and actually just wore it last Friday. They have loads of new products since I did the blog as well, which is always a bonus. With Christmas coming up, there are always many, many reasons to wear a nice outfit. Hell it’s Christmas, even if you just wear a nice outfit to sit and eat cheesy footballs and watch the Polar Express, why not?

The purse strings are inevitably a little bit tighter around this time, so it’s a good job Luxemme are offering £15 vouchers just for signing up to their website.


I really recommend that you go check out Luxemme’s range of black dresses. They’ve got some lovely classic LBDs as well as some edgier dresses which are in line with some of the latest trends. Everything I’ve bought from Luxêmme has been really high quality but their prices are very reasonable which is brilliant if you want a bit of luxury on a budget.

So don’t say I never give you anything, here’s the link to get your free voucher.


3 responses to “Luxemme Free Christmas Vouchers”

  1. Hiya i got8 vouchers but I’m so confused, are the vouchers 15 pound to spend or are they 15 pound off the item?


    1. To spend as I understand them 👍


  2. I’m confused too, I don’t understand where you spend them isit alon this website?


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