Chin Up Mask

I have a fairly thick skin, and it’s near on impossible to offend me, however I did start to get a bit of a complex this last few weeks when I was offered some shapewear and a chin contouring mask.

‘Go with the flow’ I told myself, you aren’t getting any younger. I tried the Chin Up Mask first, because let’s face it who wouldn’t want to lose a few centimetres off of their chin and have a little mini facelift all for half hour of wearing a mask?

What you get in the package is a strap that goes all the way around your head, and the actual mask bit which is soaked in whatever miracle ingredients that make it work and goes onto your chin. I’ve tried a few different facemasks and also had a CACI non-invasive eye lift when I went to Tracie Giles salon, so it’s fair to say I’m game for trying anything that I don’t need a needle stuck in me for.

The Chin Up Mask promises to take up to two centimetres off of your chin, and make your face look firmer. You just leave it on for 30 minutes and get instant results.

I must say, I did genuinely notice results after the mask. I have always been quite a rounded chin person and after I did the mask I did look a bit more defined and less like a potato.

Here is the before shot:



And here is during, how attractive?



And here is after.



If you want to see me actually do the mask, it is on my most recent vlog episode here.




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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