Bingo – Perfect entertainment for a rainy day

Few people relish the thought of a rainy day – it puts a literal dampener on all kinds of plans. Who wants to go for that five mile hike in the country when the rain is dripping down the back of their neck? And while you may have planned a high street saunter on a Saturday afternoon, you’re not going to feel like it when it’s tipping down so that you have to dash from shop to shop.


by  tristrambrelstaff 





It’s nice to stay in when it’s raining out there

Now that we’re into November, those rainy days are going to become more and more of a regular feature until next spring. So, what do you do when you’re stuck in at home for the day and the rain’s coming down outside? Why not try your hand at bingo, one of the world’s most popular games?

Why bingo?

There’s an absolutely huge range of games that we can all play online today, so why would you pick bingo over other choices. There are lots of good reasons to play bingo – here are just a few of them.

The potential for free credit

Most of the games cost only pennies to play, and when you first sign up at a site, you often get free playing credit as a welcome bonus. If you start off with an initial deposit of £10 at, for example, the site will add another £40 to your account, giving you £50 to play with. That will cover a lot of bingo games – and give you plenty of entertainment on many rainy days. Other sites, such as Gala and Jackpotjoy, offer welcome bonuses, but they’re not all as generous as bgo, so check out the different offers before you decide where to sign up to play.

There’s no stress when you play bingo


Bingo – it’s a simple, stress-free game

Bingo’s not a game that you, as a player, have any control over. You’re either going to pick a winning card when you start a game, or you’re not. This lack of control of the game adds to the fun. You can’t make a bad decision as you might do with other games – whether you win or not is down to chance. So there’s no stress as you play – you can just sit back and see what happens with the game that you have chosen. It’s exciting, as there’s always the potential to be the winner, but also stress-free.

Bingo sites are friendly places

living room

by  Elaine with Grey Cats 

You can socialise from your living room via an online bingo site chat room

Bingo’s always been a game that’s played with others, with the bingo halls in every town acting as a social hub. Now that the game’s mainly played online, it’s still a very sociable affair. Every bingo site has chat rooms attached to the games in play, and these can be a great way to meet new people. You may only ever chat to fellow players online, but it’s an easy route to having some company when you’re at home at a bit of a loose end. There’s always a cheerful atmosphere in a bingo site chat room – everyone’s there to have fun while they play the games, and the chat moderators also introduce side games which you can join in as well.

A game that’s great for anytime

Of course, it doesn’t have to be raining for it to be a good time to play bingo. Whenever you log in to a bingo site, there’ll always be a game about to begin, as the sites run 24-hour game schedules. This means that whether you only have five minutes to spare, or you want to play for a couple of hours, you’ll never need to wait long for the fun to start.

Bingo’s not going to be the only diversion when it’s raining and you’re at home, but it’s certainly a fun alternative to searching through the TV channels for something decent to watch or the prospect of doing something really useful, such as cleaning the bathroom. Next time it clouds over, give bingo a whirl!


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