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There are lots of things I am lucky about being a blogger. The fact that people take the time to read, care about, and use my opinion is one. My Mum doesn’t even REALLY like me using the superglue, so the fact that all of you read this blog and respect what I have to say, is really really lovely.

I am also lucky that I get to meet other people into the same thing as me. The Essex Bloggers are an absolutely lovely bunch, and we have a great time at events like Lakesides 25th Birthday.

Another thing I class myself as lucky for is that I get to meet, chat to and work with some great companies. As it states on my about page, I will ALWAYS say if I’ve been sent something for a review. But there are some companies who I have just met in passing in my little walk of life that I have just wanted to blog about off of my own back. Urbanition are one of those companies. Yes they do menswear, and no it isn’t likely I am going to go to work in a mens sweater any time soon (they do look cosy though so if anyone wants to buy me one let me know), but I wanted to pop them on my blog just for the sheer amazing job they seem to be doing.

I know the owner is working hard to forge good relationships with bloggers and really showcase how high quality his clothes are instead of just targeting anyone with a will and a wallet. Check them out, especially if you have male relatives to buy for for Christmas.


They are also offering some discounts for followers of their social media accounts.





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