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Choosing Christmas presents can range from being fun and satisfying, to becoming an absolute nightmare and near on ruining your Christmas. Even for people you know as well as close family members trying to find something they haven’t already got or wouldn’t buy themselves is another unnecessary headache to add to the festivities.

Personalized presents are a great way not only to show someone you care, but also that you have made a lot of effort and put a lot of thought into a gift that they make like. Having a canvas made or a memory, a loved one or just a place they like or would like to or have visited.

The Custom Canvas Store currently have a Christmas Offer where you can get 10% off of all orders. If you order quickly, you could get that person who is bored of the same old things a lovely canvas with your favourite picture together on by December 25th. Custom Canvas Store also have an incredible service for children (or maybe even big kids as well) where you can get a ‘Jigsaw’ canvas.

A ‘Jigsaw’ canvas would put the picture of them alongside their favourite superhero or Disney character, or you could be as inventive as you wish, it could even just be someone in the family from past or present times who they look up to.

The 10% offer will give customers 10% off of ALL ORDERS ONLINE up to the 25th December 2015. This means you can order right up until Christmas Day. The code that you need to enter to retrieve this discount is XMASOFFER15 and you can use it on the online store for 10% off of the total price.

The Custom Canvas Store have years of experience printing canvas prints from your digital photos and you can use their website to upload your chosen photo quickly and easily. If you are looking for a canvas print for Christmas this is one of the best websites to use in terms if accessibility and also price, as they are much more reasonable than many other companies that offer the same service.

If you are going to take advantage of the Christmas offer, make sure you look up their delivery times and manage your expectations, as this is an incredibly busy time of year for them. Remember, even if you still order on 24th or 25th of December to take advantage of the offer after Christmas you can still use the code XMASOFFER15.


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