Urban Decay Brow Beater

There are a few things, I really care about, like REALLY care about in life. Bon Bons. My cat, Albert, and my eyebrows. I don’t know where the eyebrow obsession comes from, but it may be because I literally have none. They are so fair, when I’m showering or in the pool at the gym I look like a very weird eyebrow less face swap photo.


I tried Benefits Gimmie Brow, which was fabulous if my eyebrows were neat and tidy, but let’s face it between work and being a funner I get time to go have them waxed less and less. You see, gel actually sticks to the HAIR. Therefore, if you have let yourself get a bit unruly, it will all show up.

Wandering into Debenhams, Basildon, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I can’t thank staff at all the make up counters enough for making my life so easy, all the times I’ve wandered in with basic instructions like ‘need a foundation’ or ‘want to look less like I’ve had two hours sleep’. So when I walked in a few months ago, and the lady introduced me to the trickery that is Urban Decay Brow Beater, I was soooo grateful.

The brow beater has a brush at one end, and the other is an eyebrow pencil, except the catch is, the consistency is more like a crayon. This means it comes off more smoothly, and more fluidly.


Don’t think you can just shove on and go though. The brow beater is a slow build. You will get the best results if you very patiently build up some texture from the inside of the brow out. The eyebrow brush that comes with the pencil on the other end is perfect to help you guide.


So how long does it last? Ages. I pulled a day at work and a Yoga class last night, and my strong eyebrow game was still there for all to see by time I got in the Jacuzzi after.


The brow beater will set you back about £15.00, and trust me, it is well worth it. Currently you can get Free Delivery on beauty orders.




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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