Krystal Whites Clinic, Essex

Me and my teeth have a love/hate relationship. As constantly as I am getting complimented for them being quite straight, I’m looking at them thinking how discoloured they are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a dirty person. I actually have a toothbrush in my locker at work and brush and floss frequently. The trouble is, I guess, the morning coffee. The daily treat of a can of coke, and also the peppermint tea which is the only thing that alleviates my excruciating stomach pain.

I’ve tried and tested many of the ‘home’ teeth whitening remedies, some worked, some didn’t, but ALL made my teeth more yellow than they were before. In actual fact a friend who is a dental nurse told me a particular brand of well-known whitening strips contain a chemical that is illegal.

After a lot of changes this year, I decided I wanted to try and focus on my appearance a bit as I have spent far too many months holed up at home working wearing tracksuit bottoms and flip flops. I looked at a few Essex based teeth whitening companies and my first thought was ‘Jesus god in heaven that’s about a month’s wages’.

Then I remembered Lucy and Gemma at Krystal Whites. Lucy was in my year at school, so I have been following the girl’s success from afar, and when I looked up their prices I was pleased to see a proper teeth whitening session could be done for £99. It was an exciting time to book in. Krystal Whites Clinic have just had one of the biggest makeover/upgrades ever, and they are now based in Hockley, Essex. They have two rooms above Hockley Lab and Dental Surgery and first impressions when you walk in are that if Lucy and Gemma ever want to turn their hand at anything other than their successful beauty business they could definitely turn their hand at interior design. Not only is the set up lovely, but this means all of their teeth whitening will be overseen by a GDC registered Dentist. This is a MASSIVE bonus. Let’s face it, a DENTIST isn’t going to let you put something on your teeth that is too bad for them.

So the teeth whitening treatment is relaxing. Yes, relaxing. I’ve heard horror stories about how much it hurts when you have it done, but this was painless. Teeth whitening clinics always need to use a little mouth guard to keep your mouth open, and although I looked like a flesh eating alien they use an incredibly soft one which didn’t make my mouth hurt or ache. Then again I spend about 13 hours a day talking so maybe my mouth wouldn’t have ached anyway. So you lay down on the bed passing away an hour. Warning everyone, these ladies are BUSY, so you will have people in and out why you are laying on the bed looking alien-y but it’s worth it right?

So let’s crack on to the results. Honestly, the pictures speak for themselves. I am absolutely over the moon. Gemma was ever so helpful and gave me some after care (only white food for 24 hours while your teeth all ‘set’ back and stop being permeable), and also some tips on how to maximize my whiteness.

Krystal Whites Essex

I’m so pleased, I’ve even dedicated myself fully to giving my £99 Gnasher’s the best chance in life and binning red wine for white and drinking all of my tea and coffee through a straw.

Just a word to close, I am no way affiliated with this company just because I know Lucy. I genuinely booked in and paid to have a service done and was impressed enough to spread the word, and I’ve already recommended a few people to them. Again, the pictures speak for themselves.

Krystal Whites Basildon


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  1. Tou89Lou UK Lifestyle Blog Avatar
    Tou89Lou UK Lifestyle Blog

    Wow that’s such a difference. I have been thinking about this for some time. Thanks for sharing x


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