Top Ten Hunger Games Moments

So me and my Mum are long term Hunger Games fans. We’d read all of the books by the time Catching Fire came out, and we’ve even been to a few mid-night showings like proper saddos. Our debate the other day led me to this blog. We were having a debate about the top ten Hunger Games moments through all the films. Our ideas varied, and I know so many fans will have different ones, but I wanted to share mine. Oh BTW it contains spoilers. If you are stupid enough to read a post titled ‘Top ten Hunger Games moments and think it doesn’t then you deserve to have the films ruined.



When Katniss shoots an arrow at the arena in Catching Fire.

So Betees plan goes, in a word, completely tits up. Katniss and Peeta have no idea what the actual plan is so they are left to their own devices. Johanna cut the tracker out of Katnisses arm for her own good, but she wasn’t in on the situation so has no idea this is the case. Injured, confused, and desperately searching for Peeta, she does what she does best. Absolutely bad-ass’s the situation and shoots the arena, exploding it. GO ON SON!


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When the Mockingjay arrive to fight.

No one, and I mean NO ONE thinks it’s a good idea for Katniss to join the fight, apart from Katniss, and obviously Gale. So in true Katniss style, she hides in a hovercraft and gate-crashes district 2 to get involved. Mockingjay Pt 2 is home to some of the most bad-ass Katniss in any of the films.


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Katniss hangs Seneca Crane.

We all remember Seneca Crane and his untimely demise from the Hunger Games, so in Catching Fire, when all of the anger and anguish of being sent back into the arena hits Peeta and Katniss, they get angry, rather than sad. In the first film, Katniss famously shot an arrow at the game makers, so the next time was going to take a lot of topping. What better than to make a dummy of, and hang the previous game maker. Genius.


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President Snow asking Katniss not to lie.

It could just be because we’ve read the books, or it could be because Don Suth is just genuinely creepy as President Snow, but when he turns up at her house casually drinking tea with the family it chills you to your bones. Katniss’s displays a cool exterior when she agrees calmly not to lie, but when you read the books you can tell inside she’s screaming.

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Peeta and Katniss have their first kiss.

Call me an old romantic, but in the first film, in the cave, you can tell where all of the tenderness Katniss and Peeta feel for each other first comes out. They are still in the phase of working out how much they even care for each other through the entirety of the films, but this is the first moment we get that gives us hope. And hope, is the only thing stronger than fear.


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Katniss shoots Alma Coin.

Even if you haven’t read the books, you don’t trust Alma Coin. Knowing what’s coming is a luxury, but there’s just something about the President of 13 that makes you feel like she has a hidden agenda. The characters themselves take a long time to work it out, and luckily Katniss falls in just at the right time and swerves her arrow straight past Snow into the de facto President of Panem. Come on, you were at the edge of your seats too right?


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Katniss and Peeta are named joint victors.

Again, everyone is still trying to work out if this move is genuine or tactical, but the suspense killed us when we thought Katniss had to choose. Ever the gentleman, Peeta was happy to sacrifice himself so Katniss could go home to her Sister. She longed that idea right off though and decided to play the game makers at their own game. They need a victor, right?


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Peeta gives Katniss the locket.

So the second film rolls around and Katniss and Peeta STILL can’t work out if they are playing the Capotols game incredibly well or if there are genuine feelings that would surface were it not for the stress of being hunted every second of the day. When Peeta takes Katniss on the beach and gives her a locket telling her she needs to go home because people need her (and also includes a handsome picture of Gale), he tells her that no one needs him. In one of the most heart-warming scenes of the film serious, Katniss tells Peeta she needs him, and for the first time since the first film, we truly believe her. Awwwww.


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Katniss volunteers as tribute.

In the books, we gain a great insight into how much Katniss loves Prim, but in the films, we don’t really see this until Jenner Lawrence plays the brilliant seen where she desperately volunteers as tribute. Part great acting part great script, the audience see Katniss contemplating the gravity of what she has done as she steps up to the stand and realises who Peeta is and how he was in her life previously.


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If we burn, you burn with us.

Mockingjay was by far from my favourite book, but I knew, as soon as I read it I KNEW this scene would be huge in the films. No words needed really, except for fire IS catching.




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