Top Tips for all Single Ladies this Valentine’s Day

Don’t Panic

Seriously, are you actually that bothered? So you’ve missed out on some shit chocolates and a meal at Prezzo. Is it really that bad? If you actually look around on Valentine’s Day, you’ll see that most couples get on each other’s tits so much they are actually having a horrendous time out together and would prefer to either be playing their Xbox live, practising their contouring or teaching the cat tricks ahead of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions. Realistically, who is the winner here?

You have no pressure, no one to impress and if you want to spend Valentine’s drinking the Prosecco the Co-Op have on offer while sitting in your joggers singing Celine Dion you go on right ahead.



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Treat Yourself

If you are one of the strong independent single ladies Beyonce has been singing about (mind you I still swear she says ‘Single Lettuce’), then why honestly wait for a man to treat you on Valentine’s. This extends to Christmas and Birthdays also. Go and buy yourself that lipstick/handbag/camel that you have had your eye on. Do you know what feels better than going out and buying shit? Nothing. Well being thin probably does, I wouldn’t know because I like cheese too much and I hate exercising.

You could even treat yourself to a holiday. One Valentine’s I booked myself a little weekend away in France as a treat to myself and spent the weekend, yep, you guessed it, eating cheese.


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Don’t get desperate

Here is a list of things that will NOT happen should you not have a date for Valentine’s Day:

  • You will not explode
  • You will not grow a tash
  • You will not be single forever just because you are single on this one day
  • You will not die

So as you can see, the odds are pretty much in your favour. Please do not get so desperate for a date on Valentine’s Day that you end up going on a date with the creep from Tinder who asked to see your feet. There’s just no need.


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Take advantage of the special offers

The supermarkets are definitely not stupid. When all of the offers on champagne and fireworks for New Year are out the way, they go all out on wine and chocolates. Most of the time, you can pick up a great deal on both. Yes, WINE AND CHOCOLATE. The only thing that would be better than wine and chocolate being sold together is wine chocolate and kittens being sold together.


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Avoid listening to Magic

It’s depressing AF when you are NOT alone on Valentines, let alone when you are.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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