A VIP Night At Unit 7

So when I was planning my Birthday night out, there was much deliberation. I’m not really what you would call a ‘planner’. I like to be told what time to turn up, what to wear, and then just turn up, get drunk and offend 50% of the attendees.

As you can imagine, planning a Birthday night out isn’t my idea of fun. Some people revel in creating Facebook events and planning the perfect evening, but I’d rather leave it to someone more responsible. Luckily, once I made the decision to go out locally, Unit 7 ended up being a pretty painless organising experience, mainly for the face if you book VIP they take care of so much for you.

Unit 7 itself, inside, is absolutely faultless. As you can imagine, the GHD’s in the toilet are a great touch, but all the fixtures and fittings make it look quite cool, and to be honest they have managed to avoid that ‘brothel’ look so many nightclubs have appeared to have inadvertently got down to a T.

The tables all vary in price depending on where you are and what room you are in, but we booked on in Studio for ten people and we got free entry in with that as well for everyone in our group. The table itself was right near the dancefloor, and, conveniently, the toilet. There were two big ice buckets in the middle which was great as the club bought over some Prosecco for me for my Birthday. Luckily, the tables in Unit 7 are not roped off so you all look like a group of snobs who think they are big in the game, they are just dotted around the club so you can mingle with any randomers you know who walk past (trust me, on a night out there’s always randomers).


The hostess on our table was really on the ball, and I don’t think I remember being drink-less for the entire night. I must admit, I went to Unit 7 on opening night and it was so busy, I couldn’t get a feel for it, but my Birthday was a lot better, definitely due to having the VIP table. I know people think that those who have booked VIP tables are just idiots who want to show off (myself included) but honestly, these are just people that have cracked a legitimate way to deal with the crowds at the bar and found somewhere to put their bags. Keeping your drinks cold is also always a bonus as well. Who wants to drink warm Prosecco? Is warm Prosecco not one of the seven deadly sins? Thou shalt not drink warm flat sparkling wine?



I was trying my hardest to get everyone up London for my Birthday, but I’m glad I went with my instinct and got everyone to come out locally. As you can imagine, it ended up being a very fun filled night with me and ten of my nearest and dearest, and I know where I’ll be booking up for the next occasion.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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