Coast to Coast Basildon


Coast to Coast BasildonYesterday, I was off out with my Mum and my friend for a Nandos. Just to confirm, this wasn’t a ‘cheeky Nandos’ because I’m not a cringey idiot, it was just a Nandos. A standard, going out for something to eat situation. My nearest one is Festival Leisure Park, but when we got over there a spanner was thrown into the works. HALF AN HOUR?

Let me tell you a few facts about Kelly Jackson. Kelly Jackson is scared of accordions. Kelly Jackson likes Bon Bons. Kelly Jackson does NOT wait half hour for food. Had I had waited half an hour, I probably would of tried to eat the waiter if he stood still long enough. So we hot footed it out of there not even slightly broken hearted about the fact neither of our Nandos cards would be getting a little outing outside of the purse tonight.

We saw Coast to Coast on the way into the car park, and considering it was a birthday we thought we would give it a crack. Mainly, it was the bar that enticed me to be honest. I’d already spotted two people drinking prosecco by the glass and that’s what sold it to me. Rather than being coerced into buying a bottle of prosecco, which would of inevitably worked out cheaper, I like to buy it buy the glass and then realize at the end of the night I could of purchased toe bottles with the amount I spent on glasses.

Coast to Coast Bar

The atmosphere in the restaurant was quiet, but then again it was a Tuesday. The tables are spaced out quite far, and this overly impressed my Mum, who, in her words ‘hates sitting eating on other people’s laps’.

Whenever I get a starter, I make the grave mistake of stuffing myself stupid and then not being able to eat the meal, so we just got some garlic and mozzarella bread to start with, which was lovely, and as a nice touch it was serviced on a newspaper that was tailored to the branding of the restaurant.  oast Basildon

Coast to Coast Basildon

When we actually went, I didn’t really know what the theme of the restaurant was, but I’ve since been told it’s mostly a steak and grill type thing. I went for the chilli cheese burger which was a great choice even though I don’t like bread (it had two burgers in it, definitely made up for it). My Mum and my friend both had the bbq chicken.

Coast to Coast Basildon

The burger was fabulous. Neither under nor overcooked, and it was finished off perfectly with the chilli cheese sauce and some lettuce. Another thing that impressed me is that they managed to carry out my request of having absolutely no mayonnaise near my burger. Another Kelly Jackson fact: I don’t like mayonnaise. I didn’t actually try the chicken, I wouldn’t of got a look in anyway as there was no way on earth my Mum or friend were going to share, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.


The desserts are all one price, which makes life easier, and the New York Cheesecake looked lovely (again, didn’t get a look in, was in too much of a food coma to have a dessert myself). It really was a great meal, and in the end we were all glad Nandos was a long wait. The bar area looked like a good place to go for a casual drink too, and they were even playing the football which was great for my friend who has now overnight decided she is the most dedicated Arsenal fan in the world and is probably going to go and kick off down the Emirates stadium next week.




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  1. I’m with you on mayonnaise. It’s even worse when restaurants/sandwich shops/ etc just assume the whole world loves the stuff.


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