FORMA treatment at the LAZEO clinic

I am vain. There I said it. The funny thing is, people seem to think that calling someone vain is an insult, but I quite take it as a compliment. So I like to preen myself and take care of my appearance. Surely there are worse traits? I don’t turn up late to things or post Facebook posts saying ‘so upset’ then tell people to inbox me when they ask why, so I’d say vain isn’t all together a terrible trait to have in the grand scheme of things.

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 28. Luckily, so far, I’ve managed to bypass the formal mid-life crisis and just have some small miniature ones, like ending up on the SOS bus at my Birthday night out. Although wrinkles around the forehead have left me alone so far, my eyes are starting to give a little bit away. I like to say they are ‘laughter lines’ because I spend approximately 90% of my day laughing and smiling, but wherever they have come from they are definitely NOT welcome.

When I heard about the FORMA treatment at the Lazeo Clinic in Notting Hill, it seemed perfect for me. Me and Botox will never EVER work. After an incident when I worked in Greece (I had to have my toe sewn back on) I am absolutely terrified of needles, and it’s a job getting me to a blood test, let alone voluntarily having needles in my face to look younger. I’ve had a non-invasive skin tightening before, and it was a completely different system to FORMA and to be honest it only lasted about an hour.

LAZEO Notting Hill

The first thing I noticed about the Lazeo Clinic was how cute it was. I must admit I’ve only ever been to Notting Hill for carnival, so seeing it without 500,000 drunk people with flags was a new experience for me. I travelled by tube to Notting Hill gate, and although the clinic is tucked away, it is really easy to find. When I arrived, I couldn’t have received a warmer welcome, and the team have got the balance between clean and homely perfect. The clinic is impeccable, but also has a warm feel to make you comfortable when you have your treatment.

LAZEO Notting Hill

My FORMA treatment started with me being made incredibly comfortable in the treatment room, and having a general chat about my skin care routine. I was absolutely astounded by the knowledge the lady doing my treatment had about skin. She didn’t just know about skin in general, she knew absolutely everything about the skin and I felt like I got a mini science lesson as well, which was great because I am a MASSIVE science geek.

LAZEO NOtting Hill

FORMA works with radiofrequency waves and heat, and warms up the epidermis. Doing this means the skin starts to react by producing brand new collagen cells, so basically, it makes the skin work for itself. I was a bit nervous about the treatment because I am actually a massive baby, but apart from being a little bit warm you literally do not even know you are having it done. In fact, it was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep, it was only because I was so interested in chatting about skin care that I managed to keep awake through the treatment.

My treatment took around 45 minutes, as they focus on different areas for a certain amount of time and then move on. For this treatment, there is no down time and there aren’t any side effects. They did pre-warn me that I may go red, which I was expecting because I go red at the drop of a hat, but fortunately, I didn’t and managed to come out of the treatment room with a perfectly normal looking face (well, sans eyebrows because I had to take my make up off which probably gave the Lazeo staff team a slight shock).

After the treatment, I was told the results were going to keep being evident as the days went on, which is why I left it a week to do the blog. It wasn’t until I went to a wedding last night and took six million selfies of myself that I noticed the results. Not only is my skin firmer, but the FORMA treatment seems to have worked its magic on my skin tone as well. I also seem to be fortunate enough that it has worked a little bit on sculpting my cheeks as well.

So if, like me, you are a massive baby when it comes to needles, but you are also a little bit vain and want to look quite a lot younger, I’d recommend a FORMA treatment in a second. After the actual treatment itself, I celebrated my new found youth at a day rave in 93 Feet East in Shoreditch, which turned out to be both the best and worst idea I’ve ever had.


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