5 Alternative Easter Gifts


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I don’t like chocolate. There, I said it and got it out in the open. That statement has given me 28 years of weird looks and comments like ‘you must like SOME chocolate’ (the answer is yes, now and again when I have had a day where I feel like head-butting half of the local community I don’t mind a small bit of chocolate) and comments like ‘oh you are SO good’ (FYI, not good at all as most weekends you will find me head first in a share size bag of Doritos).

Not liking chocolate is an incredibly mundane personality trait, until the fun and games start at Easter. Because although Easter should really be about Jesus (not going to lie though, seeing as Christmas is as well I think he is a bit spoiled), it literally is all about the chocolate. So if you know someone who doesn’t like chocolate, take my advice and get them something more fun instead.

A Yo-Yo


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A yo-yo will provide absolute hours of fun for all ages, although you may want to practise outdoors at first if like me you are tempted to have a go after a few Proseccos and nearly sent the cat flying to Ireland trying out ‘around the world’. I bought a yo-yo in Sainsbury’s the other day and it has honestly provided me with so much entertainment I’m actually wondering where I’m going to find the time to continue with my adult life.



“Oh, I don’t really like or wear jewellery”

Said no woman. Ever. Seriously, if you are looking for an Easter gift you absolutely cannot go wrong with jewellery. For a start, Easter unfortunately falls right dead smack in the middle of New Year and Summer, meaning that you are overwhelmed with chocolate during the course of your bikini body blitz. So even if the one you love does like chocolate, she’ll thank you for swerving it next time she gets on the scales down the gym. Jewellery also seems like a much more luxurious gift than chocolate, so you’ll just about get away with subtly calling her fat by not getting her that giant Malteasers Easter egg she had her eye on.

You probably all know by now from my social media pages and blog, but there is literally only one jewellery company I go to now. Sparkling Jewellery don’t just have the prettiest jewellery ever, but they are running a special offer up until Easter where you can get discount on whatever product the golden egg is hiding with.

Adult Colouring Books


Yes honestly, they are a thing. If you are like me, you find colouring therapeutic and like to have a bit of a colour after a stressful day of half the human population absolutely doing your head in. These beautiful patterned colouring books are a little bit more intricate than the standard ones you get in the pound shop for kids, and will provide hours of fun.

An Easter Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Easter Egg Melt Set-med

As I mentioned before in my blog post ’12 Signs you are getting old’, the sheer appreciation of a good candle can be  a sign that you are cracking on a bit. I mean, it’s not as exciting as a yo-yo, but in all honesty there’s nothing better than a room smelling fresh. Yankee candles are the obvious go to for all of your candle needs, and they have really started making waves with their brand over the last couple of years (they even do advent calenders now), so it’s no surprise they have this wax melt Easter egg to offer.

A Holiday

Don’t be tight, it’s not my fault I don’t like chocolate. Take me to Marbella.


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