Creams, Southend

I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of sweet food (although if you looked at my bum, you’d probably think different). I do like the occasional cake or biscuit, but I’m not one of those people that forgets a hard day by diving head first into a profiterole tower made for four people. Wine. I drink wine if I want a treat, for a particularly hard day, to celebrate, or if we change brands of washing powder.

One thing I was interested in though, was the ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. Sadly enough, we haven’t got the ice cream man down our turning for years because it’s too tight. Once, an obviously new ice cream man made the mistake of coming down, and as he was trying to manoeuvre his truck out of the tight squeeze, I chased him. Yes, I actually chased him. I have no shame, and I fancied a screwball.

I’ve seen all the amazing concoctions Creams, Southend do on various peoples Instagram’s, and  to be honest I love a sundae. They are such a happy food! Like ‘hey, let’s take ice cream which is pretty good anyway, top it with well fun stuff and put a fancy wafer on it’.

The first thing I was impressed at in Creams was the menu. The menu is literally the largest menu I’ve ever seen. Waffles? Got them. Cheesecake? Got it. Milkshakes? Got them. Pancakes? Got them. Sundaes? Got them. Specks of fairy dust spread through Southend by magical unicorns? Well, not on the menu, but they probably had it.

I had the pop fizz sundae, and I can’t remember what attracted me the most, but the name sounded quite fun. But then again, a sundae can’t NOT be fun can it. Imagine having a bad day, and someone puts a sundae in front of you. You would either cheer up, or sit morosely while it melted in front of your eyes. I know I’d pick option one.

So the pop fizz sundae was made up of strawberry and bubble-gum ice cream, with sherbet, bubble-gum sauce, and most importantly. Popping candy. Yes that’s right kids, they are not messing about in Creams, POPPING CANDY. How risky? Just plonked on top of the ice cream without a care in a world. What absolute rebels they are!

Creams Southend

Anyway, if you are out and about down that way, you fancy some care free fun and making yourself sick as a dog with loads of goodies that will take you ten years to burn off on a treadmill, then Creams is certainly the place for you!


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