April Summary

So I keep thinking about doing little summary’s of my month. I always tend to get out and about doing things, but I never have enough material for a full blog on each one. This month’s I’ve been doing bits left right and centre. April’s been a weird old month. Did anyone else find that Easter being so early proper threw them off? I mean GOSH I was nowhere near finished my MASSIVE collection of chocolates from Valentines Day.

Going out

I’ve been out loads this month. I feel like at the age of 28 still going clubbing is probably some sort of mid-life crisis, but I don’t have kids and the cats are getting fed so why not? I’ve been out twice in Chelmsford, which is all a pretty new experience, but I have a new friend who lives in Burnham who is pretty much the biggest funner I’ve ever met, so I trusted her judgement.

The first time I went to Lloyds and Missoula, which were pretty good. Although unfortunately, I did manage to lose my shoes. People always question me on this like it’s the most unreal thing they have ever heard, but seriously, why doesn’t anyone understand how easy it is to do? You take them off because your feet hurt and then forget where you have put them.

We ventured to Bar & Beyond the second time, and we got a VIP table between us all. I’d never been in it when it was Chicargos, so I had nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty ok in there. I wouldn’t say it was the fanciest place I’ve ever been but we had a laugh. I don’t know what Chelmsford have got such a bee in their bonnet about stairs for though. Every bloody club or pub you need to engage in some sort of stair activity to go for a wee. What have I ever done to you? Also, this was the second night out I lost my shoes, and I had only just bought them that day. Fun times.


1st of May isn’t technically April (bet you are all glad I cleared that one up for you), but I couldn’t not mention the Siesta Day Party at Ministry. For one, I loved it because I wore Converse and it meant it couldn’t lose my shoes, and also because I love techno. Yes, call me cringe for still going to raves at my age, but it was fabulous. I love the atmosphere at things like that and Ministry of sound will always be my favourite club. £21 for two drinks is NOT my favourite, but you have to make allowances.

Staying in

I’ve been trying my hardest to fit my day job, running my company, and my blog into the mere 24 hours of the day and failing miserably. This is why you will have noticed my blog has taken a bit of a backseat lately. The other day I got a bit caught up, and decided to have a chill night and catch up on Empire.

I’m as surprised by the fact I like Empire as I am by the lack of people that watch it. It’s so casually ghetto, and you can tell Timbaland produces all of the music. It’s ridiculous and completely OTT, but I just love it. Cookie is my absolute number 1 out of all the characters, and for anyone that watches it her beating up Hakim with the broom still has me in stitches.

Imagine if you could just get away with beating people up with a broom, life would be perfect.


I went to Creams in Southend for the first time this month. Oh my God the sundae I had was amazing. It had popping candy in it! Popping candy though! I haven’t had popping candy for months on end since I invented popping candy cocktails that were actually incredibly strong and I fell over in my mates garden.

Also, despite all my best efforts to eat healthy, I’m totally obsessed with tomato ketchup Walkers. It doesn’t matter though. I’ve worked it out and I only need to go on the treadmill for 67 years to burn off all the packets I’ve eaten in April.

Getting fit

Me and my Mum only realized a couple of weeks ago (nearly a year into our contract) that we can use any David Lloyd in the country. We’ve started a little tour to get round as many as we can and review them.


I went to see the Jungle Book this month, well worth seeing if you get the chance. One thing I loved was that it was in 3D and the Southend Odean do cute little 3D glasses that fit over normal glasses, so I could ACTUALLY see the film. Idris Elba is the voice of Shere Khan, and he gives an authoritive & creepy feel to the villain of the Jungle Book. There’s not as much singing as the Disney one, but the storyline will keep you going.

Funny Quote of the Month

I may have fallen asleep a little bit during the Jungle Book. After, my friend asked how long for to which I said ‘probably only about ten minutes’ to which she replied ‘KELLY! That’s like one twentieth of the whole film’.

Next Month

Next month is shaping up to be amazing as I have a hen do in Brighton and a catch up with some people I used to work with. I’m also certain there will be more shenanigans to get up to out clubbing.


One response to “April Summary”

  1. Oh my god, I would CRY if I lost my shoes. Gutting.

    Although I did lose my wedding shoes…

    (just realised, 8 years after my wedding, how sad this *actually* makes me)


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