I love food! And this is why…


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If my heading comes as a surprise to you, you obviously haven’t read my blog much, and seen all of the restaurants, bars and numerous other foods and places to eat I’ve reviewed. Basically, I love food and or eating. I’ve challenged myself to actually kick start my diet this week, so the only way I can do this productively is by backtracking and looking for the reasons why. Why do I love food? Why is food so important?

Food is a treat

Be honest, how many of us have come home and had something nice as a treat? My weakness is a bag of Doritos (obviously a share size one). I’m not much for sweet food, but I love anything savoury or spicy. When we diet, or even just in general, we equate food as a ‘well deserved treat’. Maybe it stems from when we are younger and we are granted a free pass into the sweetie cupboard if we have been good that day.

There is even a TV programme based on the ritual of treating ourselves to a ‘Saturday Night Take Away’. My preference is a Chinese or Indian, which unfortunately are more calorific than any of the others. Now you can go in a different direction and even play food games, like the Chinese Kitchen online slots on sites like Casino.com. It’s free and gives you an appetite for Chinese food.


Food is a lifestyle

Food is a multi-billion dollar industry, and if we only ate food to survive, that surely wouldn’t be the case. Look how many things there are that revolve around food (apart from my life, I actually get so hungry I get angry, or ‘hangry’). Restaurants, supermarkets, take away’s. As soon as we want to catch up with friends, the discussion turns to what restaurant to meet in. Food can symbolise status. We all know someone who has been to the latest ‘in’ restaurant and tried the truffle oil and won’t stop going on about it. This is another reason I love food. What an interesting world we live in where your preference for what you put in your mouth can literally determine your status in the hierarchy of your peers.

You can bond over food

In my office, all we talk about is food. Oh and work. Yeah if any managers are reading this we definitely also always talk about work. When two people are getting to know each other, you will always hear food discussions. What do they like, what don’t they like? Then when you get a bit more comfortable with a group of people it’s when and where you are going to eat. Trying new foods together is a great way to make a bond with someone new, especially if you both hate it and can laugh about it afterwards.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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