Mac Studio Fix – Review

Mac Studio Fix


I’m neither loyal nor disloyal to make up brands. Chances are, someone will recommend me something, show me something, or use something on me then I’ll use that until I can be bothered to find a new make-up. I’ve used Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation for the last year or so, but lately my skin has decided to be a right little so and so, and I’ve come to the sad conclusion I need a foundation with medium to full coverage.

When I went to a wedding recently in Leicestershire, the make-up artist used Mac Studio Fix on me. I must say, despite the millions of beauty bloggers that rave about Mac, I haven’t actually ventured to try many products. It’s like trying avocado. You know you should do it really, and you know you’ll like it, but you don’t get round it for ages because you are busy watching documentaries about North Korea and googling octopus fact (just me then?).

Amway’s, studio fix is amazing. Obviously, every foundation ever made gets the ‘how long does it stay on check’, and I must say it lasts a full work day and I look relatively acceptable now come 5pm when I’m leaving the office. It’s not ‘cakey’ in the slightest, and although the bottle isn’t the biggest, you really don’t need a lot.

One of the main reasons I like it, is that like Urban Decay’s foundation, it doesn’t cling to dry skin, so if like me you have combination skin you don’t look patchy and weird and like 4am after you’ve just done an all-nighter down Ministry.

I can’t say I’ll use Mac for the rest of my life, because I’m a typical Pisces and I get bored with things within about 2 weeks (people as well, so if you haven’t heard from me lately, sorry about that), but I can say it’s my absolute favourite foundation so far.

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One response to “Mac Studio Fix – Review”

  1. I love this foundation! Been using it for years now 🙂 also if you use Mac, once you have 6 empty containers you can take them
    Back and get a free lipstick 🙂
    Lauras x


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