Slipped Discs, Billericay


I’m trying this new thing, called ‘not being hungover’ on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Yesterday went well. This morning we won’t talk about. I have also discovered, that if you are not in bed hungover, you can actually go out and do things. Who knew? WHO HONESTLY KNEW THIS?

Anyway I needed to get a couple of bits for my friend’s wedding, so me and my Mum went to Billericay. I usually avoid Billericay, because I basically walked out of a recruitment job based there and I can’t deal with the whole awkwardness of running into one of the managers. Due to this, I never really get to enjoy Billericay, which is a shame because there are some proper nice places there.

One such place, is Slipped Discs. From the outside, Slipped Discs looks like your standard record shop. Which, by the way, is fine by me. Many people have learned the hard way that if you are going to take me into a record shop or a book shop, you need to seriously dedicate a good few hours.

When you actually get inside Slipped Discs, it is half record shop, half café. Food and music, could anything be more perfect. The best bit, was that shock horror, the sun was actually out, and there is a cute little outdoor bit at the back.

I had a toastie, which was really nice, although I am currently concerned about how much bread I’m eating for someone who doesn’t like bread. If someone can point me in the direction of some sort of group therapy where I can get help for excessive bread eating, please let me know. Also, massively over the moon that they actually did Soy milk, and not only had it but actually used it when I asked, unlike Starbucks who nearly killed me off the other day.

The best bit about Slipped Discs, aside from the fact you get to eat in amongst records, is that they are really helpful when you are looking for something. Naturally I came out with Bloc Party’s newest album, which I’ve listened to on repeat so much I’m sure I heard the cat singing it this morning.


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