July Wish List

So I get paid on Friday. Yep. 23rd of each month. How random is that? I can understand the last Friday of every month, and the last day of every month, but what the heck happens on the 23rd?

Obviously my company started during the Stonehenge times and there’s some sort of lunar moon they have to align their BACS transfers to Natwest with, lest them not go through. Anyway, the struggle is real. Hate waiting for pay day to get the bits and bobs I want, so here’s a list of what I plan on treating myself to.

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Serum

Bare minberals skin longevity serum

I got a little sample of this in my goody bag from the Intu Lakeside blogger event. At the moment, I use a Vitage vitamin C skin serum before I moisturize, and although it’s good not only have I been using it around a year, so I feel my skins got used to it, but it’s also about £60 per bottle! This serum makes my skin feel fresh and amazing, and you can feel it tighten as you put it on. When I went for my FORMA treatment at the Lazeo London Clinic, the therapist told me to only use things like this a couple of times a week otherwise your skin ‘overproduces’ vitamins. So twice a week I pop myself on a facemask and use this, and my skin is smooth as a babys bum.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow


My current brow routine consists of outlining my brows with Urban Decay Brow Beater, and then filling in with Illamasqua Brow Cake. This is working well for me, but my friend, who is one of the most rooting tooting make up artists in the East (Midlands) swears by dip brow. I must say, her eyebrow game is strong on her Facebook page, Lauryn Roberts MUA



So, tit that I am, I left my Havaianas in David Lloyd Chigwell when I last visited. I was gutted because the white classic ones are my favourite, and I am 100% going to invest in some more before I go to the Philippines.

Leia Lingerie Bikini


I love lairy holiday fashion. I’ve got a ‘holiday’ blouse that I wear, in effect just to annoy the few friends that are actually mad enough to spend a week at a time with me. This bikini is one of my ultimate holiday buys for when I go to the Philippines in September. All I need now is to lose weight and get bigger tits.






Love to know your thoughts guys?

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