Preparing for Camping

A couple of weeks ago, me and two of my best friends from school realized we hadn’t actually seen each other for months. It’s a funny old world isn’t it? You get so busy with the kids, Netflix box sets and shaving the cat you don’t even comprehend how much time flies.

We’ve never been boring or normal, so they invited me camping in a couple of weeks time. This is probably a shocker to you all considering I don’t exactly portray myself as Bear Grylls, but I love camping. I lived in a tent for three months when I worked in France at the grand old age of 20. Let me tell you it was no fun and games. It was soggy, you had to wait to all use ONE plug, and I kept tripping out the electric by thinking I could use my GHD’s, charge my laptop and plug in my speakers. None the less, it was a laugh. It was also convenient. We’d all sit in our tent and be like ‘shall we ask Lucy if she wants to come out later?’ …. Shouts to tent three tents down ‘LUCY DO YOU WANT TO COME OUT LATER’.

I haven’t exactly ventured outdoors for a while, so I needed to buy a tent etc. In my infinite wisdom, I thought I’d try and let the great people following my Twitter account to choose for me.

Unfortunately, despite how much I like all of the choices they are either out of stock, too small or too expensive. Bad times! Here’s a run down of who suggested what though.

Minions tent –



I loved this one. Minions are a bit marmite aren’t they? You either love them or hate them. I personally love them and have a Bob teddy on my bed. Unfortunately, as up for buying this one as I was, my Mum helpfully pointed out it was in fact, for children. Lo and behold, once I looked online, it turns out it was actually only a metre high and wide.


Bottles tent –



This also would have been a clear winner, but the bottles reminded me how drunk I will be putting up said tent and it was possibly not a good idea for me to be trying anything other than a dome tent with my limited camping expertise. If we are all being honest with ourselves, I can’t even butter bread.


Rude tent-



I love this one but I’m very mindful that my friend is taking her kids. So unfortunately that means I’ll be concentrating so hard on not swearing, that an inappropriate tent simply cannot be thrown into the mix.


Thank you kindly for all your suggestions though guys!


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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