Illamasqua – Brow Cake

I always think the best way to shop for make-up is by recommendation, but even better than that, actually getting to test it. When I had my make-up done a little while ago for a wedding, the MUS used Illamasqua Brow Cake on my eyebrows, and I loved it. I’ve been using Urban Decay’s brow beater pencil which is great, but it doesn’t give me the thickness I want, as my eyebrows are naturally really thin (by really thin I mean I can’t actually go out without eyebrows drawn on as I’d scare the children).

As we all know ladies, eyebrows are an art form. It’s not very likely that you will get the desired look from just one product, so I thought adding some brow cake to my collection would add a well needed string to my eyebrow product bow. When I look back on the time that I literally did nothing to my eyebrows, I honestly wonder what I even did in the morning and classed it as ‘getting ready’.

The Urban Decay brow beater is a great product to get the desired outline. I start by outlining the bottom of the brow with this pencil, then the top, leaving a bit of a gap on the inner eyebrow.

Once I’ve done the outline, which I class as the tricky part, I fill in with the brow cake. Illamasqua are well known for their brow products, and I can see why. There is absolutely nothing not to like about this powder. It’s not cakey, and even if your skin is a little bit dry under the brows, it wont show up.

The best bit though, is that it literally lasts AGESSSSSSSSSS. You can god honestly go to sleep in this product and probably wake up with it still on. I’d recommend coupling it with a good setting spray, then you are good to go.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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