Six things they don’t want you to know about TOWIE

It’s VERY scripted


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Ok, so none of us are stupid, and we all knew this (kind of). But people don’t realise the extent of how much the show is actually scripted. ‘Scripted reality shows’ often make claims that things are just heated up a bit for our entertainment, but sometimes ENTIRE conversations are contrived or re-shot. As much as we’d all like to believe that most of what we see is actually real, the fact is most of what we see is either fake or scripted. The cast are told where to stand, what to say and who to interact with at filming. The cast also turn up separately to filming, so no, they are not all in the same nightclub, at the same time. They film in ‘sessions’ so most of the time they are not even there at the same time.

That probably isn’t their car


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I have it on good authority from someone who works at a well-known Essex car dealership, that Mario loves hiring a flash car. Let’s face it, they make a lot from interviews and endorsements, but they still only get paid around £50 a day. Being on TOWIE isn’t lucrative, only the side projects are. Do you really think these guys can afford a new car every week?

They never work in their shops


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Apart from Charlie Sims, who, bless him, is ALWAYS in his Deli, the rest of them literally spend zero time in their shops. If I had a business I’d be a nightmare, I’d be there 24/7 annoying the living daylights out of my staff. But no, the TOWIE lot not so much. It would be very rare to see Sam and Billie in Minnies, or catch a glimpse of Gemma. Although they are busy, you’d still expect to see a bit more of them than the heavily Twitter publicised visits they make. Rumour even has it Gemma charges for selfies.

The relationships aren’t as real as you like to think


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Who remembers when Lydia and Arg officially got back together after Ibiza? And who remembers them being together WAY before that? No one, that’s because it was a show secret designed to drag out as long as possible and get more viewers.

Lydia was overheard at filming for the ‘all back to Essex’ party at Kosho saying ‘James put me down we’re not meant to be together on the show yet’. While I don’t doubt the couples are real, I wonder how much of their relationships are dramatized to entertain us. Doesn’t seem like a great way to go about life, does it?

No, they don’t use that teeth whitener/protein powder/shampoo EVERY DAY


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A little while ago, all of the TOWIE stars got a massive telling off about online advertising, which even resulted in Mario being suspended. This is because it simply isn’t fair for all of the cast to be telling us certain products they have been paid to endorse will make us happier/thinner/more tanned. I can’t wait until the day they ban it all together, so I can stop having to wade through advertisements for oil pulling and shit quality clothing on my Instagram.


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