Things I’m Looking Forward to This Month

AUGUST, its AUGUST, bring on the BBQ’s. Oh wait the weathers crap! Needless to say, this wash out of a Summer has been a bit of a downer on some of the stuff I wanted to do in the warm weather. But hopefully, August is going to be the ONE, and there’s loads I’m looking forward too!

Not being ill

I had a viral infection last week, and it was so annoying. I didn’t have any normal person symptoms like a sore throat or runny nose, I was just sweating my tits off and felt really light headed and tired. I’m quite an active person, and I’m always doing something or other, so as you can imagine being ill and bed bound was so boring for me.

I watched every good documentary on Netlfix and finished 90210 (Naomi Clark is my hero). Most people love a chance to sit and rest and do nothing, but I was so pleased to be fighting fit and back to work this week! I’m sure the office enjoyed the peace and quiet.


People must look at my pictures and think I’m so materialistic, but I’m actually so outdoorsy and a slight hippy. When I worked in France when I was 19 for Keycamp I lived in a tent for three months and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.

I haven’t had a chance to catch up with my two best friends from school lately, which is really naughty because they have put up with me for about 15 years. That’s a LOT of Kelly. So we decided to incorporate our catch up into a camping trip with the kids.

Unfortunately, no one trusts me to be in charge of anything other than the paper cups, so that’s left me ample packing space for ridiculous items like a ladybird headlamp and an octopus kite. It sounds ridiculous, but when I went to work in France I forgot socks and a coat but ended up taking a giant inflatable crocodile. Clearly, I shouldn’t put ‘good at packing’ on my CV any time soon.

Notting Hill Carnival

I go to Notting Hill Carnival every year usually, but the last few years I’ve either been away or ill. I’m really looking forward to it, mostly because of all of the jerk chicken that will be on the go, and more importantly, the rum. I’m a massive grime fan, so I LOVE the 1extra stage as well.

Last time I did actually go, one of the carnival ladies dancing gave me a massive MASSIVE Guyana flag. It was about ten times the size of me and I came home drunk at about 8pm and decided to give it to my dear old Nan as a present (appropriate) who God Bless her had it on her shed until she passed away. The neighbours must of thought she was off her tits.

X Factor

Yep, unfortunately it’s time to start thinking about those cold nights in watching X Factor. I’m tres gutted Cheryl isn’t on this year’s panel, but Sharon Osbourne is outrageous. I always like to think I’ll be like her when I’m that age. I doubt I’d shit in Tiffany boxes because I haven’t got that good aim (they are tiny), but I’ve definitely already got the speaking my mind bit locked down.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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