Getting my System Professional Energy Code at Strangeways Salon, Leigh-On-Sea

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I must say, I love a town set by the sea. Granted, sand gets on my wick a LOT and I’m petrified of flying over the sea or swimming in it, but it’s nice to look at isn’t it?

Leigh-on-sea is ten minutes on a train, so when I was invited to Strangeways Salon to try out the unique energy code from System Professionals, I was also over the moon that it was about 900 degress and I caught some sun waiting for my little protégé Grace (from Socialbly Grace) at the station.

Strangeways is really easy to find, and it’s such a welcoming salon. You know you look in the window of some hair salons and think ‘oh my god, I got pizza in my hair at lunch time and they are going to look at me like I’ve just wee’d on their whole family’, well this place isn’t like that. When you walk in, everyone is friendly and chatty, and no one was rushing about like they do in some big salons.

I met Hannah Stoneham who was going to be taking me through my system professionals treatment, and oh my god guys, get on board with her amazing talents. I don’t want to give too much away but she made my hair look fabulous. The way the personalized system works, is you take a short survey about your hair, and it figures out the products in the range you will benefit from most.

I have a complete love/hate relationship with my hair. Some days I love it and think it looks call, and some days it’s flatter than a six week old bottle of Pepsi that’s been left in the sun. Hannah took me through all the questions, and it’s a sliding scale. This works really well, as you can put in what percentage you think your hair is dry etc rather than just yes or no.

My three products picked out were the Keratin protect shampoo, the hydrate conditioner and the reconstructive elixir. I only usually condition my hair once a week, and I also use argon oil, so the good thing was that the products were not too far off what I already use, which stopped my hair getting all breakdown Brenda when they used them.

After a lovely relaxing wash and head massage, I was sat quite comfortable with a prosecco under a steamer to set the treatment they used on me in. Hannah then dried my hair and curled it, and how nice it went was a big shock and a testament to how good the products are. Anytime I condition my hair, the curls just do NOT take and I just look like I’ve got a bit of a blonde Ozzy Osbourne look going on an hour later, but these curls were PERFECT.

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You can see from the before and after pictures, that the sheer nourishment of the products has made my hair look a completely different colour as well. It was also great that 1. I didn’t need to do my hair the next day and 2. My hair still smelled nice the next day (so nice in fact I made the whole office smell it). I’ve been trying the products myself at home, and they are every bit as good as in the salon. I’ve also got a couple of sachets of different product to use when I go away to the Philippines soon. Mum even stole a bit of the shampoo and text me saying ‘my hair still smells lovely’ and I was like back off Trace that’s not YOUR unique energy code.

If  you want to give your hair a real good sort out, maybe from sun damage from your hols or just summer in general, I really would suggest going to Strangeways and having a consultation. I feel like a new woman, and can’t wait to go on holiday with shiny healthy hair. Obviously quite the shame I still haven’t lost any weight, but with hair like this no one’s going to be looking at my legs!

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