Final Checks Studio Launch

Final Checks Hornchurch

If there is one thing an Essex girl loves, it’s getting all dressed up for a night out. This is why Final Check Studio is such a good concept, and also why I was so excited for the launch. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was a busy day. I started out at job number 1 in the morning (yes believe it or not I do not blog full time, although if anyone wants to pay me to, let me know). Then it was on to The Skin Clinic, Brentwood to have my lip fillers. After this is was home, quick change, and off to Hornchurch for the Final Checks Studio launch. I literally forgot to eat. I hate people that say that, but it’s true. I’m usually like ‘You forgot to EAT?’ I’d forget the BREATHE before I got to eat. But none the less I did which explains why the prosecco went to my head a bit and a picture of me and Pascal Craymer surfaced that I have no memory of what so ever.

Final checks is the brain child of Danielle Everitt. If you don’t know who she is, are you honestly even female? Danielle has done make up for EVERYONE. Not only this, she does film and TV as well. The studio is in Hornchurch, and my first impressions were how clean and neat it looked, even with loads of people. There is a photography studio upstairs, and down stairs is reserved for the make overs.


The DJ was exceptional, and I can say that with good authority because I used to DJ. The event was put on by The Can Group, and you really can tell how dedicated they are to getting it right. We were welcomed with a prosecco, and settled in to people watch and look around.


We saw some AMAZING make-up artists working on some people, doing scary Halloween make up. It’s going to come round quicker than you think peeps, and if you are unlike me and actually need make up to look scary get onto final checks.

They also had a couple of celebrities turn up. Pascal Craymer, Louise Thompson and Danielle Lloyd were all in attendance, and all looked lovely. They are all really nice girls, and didn’t even mind getting a selfie, or 74.


Next time I go out, I’m 100% booking in for some pampering at Final Checks. The studio is lovely and the make-up artists are amazing.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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