A Day Out in Angeles for under 500PHP

In the grand scheme of things, I never actually meant to have such a cheap day out on this day in the Philippines. It was only when I sat in the bar at the end of the day and realized what I’d done that I decided to blog on it.

What I ACTUALLY wanted to achieve on this particular day, was catching the sun. The time difference had killed me, and I’d already wasted a day, sleeping. It gets dark relatively early in the Philippines, so as you can imagine I was missing all the good sun. The relationship between the native Filipino’s and the sun is completely different to our relationship to the sun. They hate it, and avoid it at every cost, so as you can imagine finding somewhere to sit and chill with a drink outside is a massive mission.

One of my favourite places last time I went, and this time was Coffee Academy. I can’t even think of how I initially found it to be honest. It was one of the only places in Angeles City you could sit outside and catch a bit of sun. It’s also handy that they do the nicest coffee in the entire town. If you are going tan seeking, you will get a bit of banter from the staff, who literally will not be able to understand why you want to sit and basically fry yourself.

I ordered an Americano, because the previous day I’d stupidly thought UHT milk would have less lactose in it (it has more in case anyone wants to know). I love the fact that it is such a laidback country, and I enjoyed a long leisurely coffee while making the most of the two hour slot the sun faced the outdoor tables.

Coffee Academy 80 PHP

Coffee Academy

Next I needed to eat, but still had my eyes on the prize, a tan. The sun was still red hot, and lucky for me I remembered how much I loved pottering about last time, so I bought converse for the day’s I knew I’d be going on a little wander. There was a ‘Jollibee’ a lot closer, but I thought I’d get some fresh air and sun and walk up to the one right at the end of Fields Avenue. It was about a half an hour walk, but when the weathers nice and the atmosphere is so different who cares? Better than walking about Basildon Town Centre.

For those of you that have never heard of Jollibee, for a start oh my god why? For second, you are so missing out. It is like McDonalds and KFC all mixed into one fabulous, mouth-watering bundle. There are some things that cater to the foreign market, but the chicken rice and gravy is the real star of the show. If you want a reasonable price on a meal, get the chilli dog. You get a chilli dog, fries and a drink all for 99 PHP. Top tip. Don’t get excited and burn the roof of your mouth like I did.

Jollibee 99 PHP


It was cracking on to 5pm now, which surprisingly is when dark sets in. I was at the other end of Fields having basically walked the length of Angeles. Obviously, the walking led me to want to treat myself to a sit down and some alcohol. Walking street, or Fields Avenue, is the main strip of bars and clubs. There are a couple of really good sports bars at the beginning and end. At the McDonalds end, there is a sports bar called Bretto’s which has a pretty good view of Fields, as there are seats on the outside bit.

I loved just sitting watching the world go by. My job is pretty stressful, and I couldn’t actually remember the last time I’d just sat down and done nothing. I ordered a Tanduay ice which to me and you is exactly the same as a Smirnoff ice. As its 24 hours, you can obviously see all sorts going on on Fields Avenue at any time of day, but the really great time to go is when night is falling. There’s a night market opposite Bretto’s so you can sit and take in all the hustle and bustle. They also played pretty good music as well.

By the point I decided to go back, I’d sat and leisurely drunk my two Tanduay Ice’s. I didn’t even call a trike to go back, because again, it’s all busy busy and there are always people around if you are walking somewhere.

Bretto’s 150 PHP


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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