Things to look forward to in Autumn

Pumpkin Spiced Everything

It’s not just coffee guys. EVERYTHING this autumn seems to be pumpkin spiced. They even do pumpkin spiced baileys. Sorry, PUMPKIN SPICED BAILEYS??? It really does seem like the ‘in thing’ and I’m sure in a few autumns time we’ll have pumpkin spiced kittens.



There cannot be anyone on this earth who says they do not feel extra snuggly in a jumper. I’m quite a fan of really REALLY Granny style jumpers, and I love going to pick out all of my new jumpers when autumn hit’s thinking to myself ‘oh this looks exactly like the one Ethel wears down at the bingo’.

I 100% think when I do come of age, I’ll be one of those old ladies who wears wolf fleeces, has a shopping trolley and pay’s for my bus fare or newspaper with 5ps.



You get to DRESS UP, even if you are an adult. Where do I sign? One year me and my ex, for a laugh, dressed as our friends Mum and Dad. I love going to the Pink Toothbrush on Halloween and I’ve seen some seriously good costumes in my time, including a guy dressed as Amy Winehouse.

Also, you can’t dispute the fact that there are always extra sweets knocking about this time of year. I’ve usually done half the bowl before the first kid. I love carving a pumpkin too. Last year I carved ours as Lionel Richie, just for the S&G’s.


Autumn make up

The summer holiday tan is fading, you keep forgetting to go on a sunbed and you can’t wait for an excuse to crack out the glitter again. This year at the AW shows Burberry and Kenzo loved up the glitter, while Rodarte were using lovely, deep blackcurrant lips. Skin is still as illuminated as the Blackpool lights so don’t chuck your highlighter away just yet. According to Vogue, this seasons hair texture is ‘real’, however I won’t be trying that one considering my ‘real’ hair texture is also ‘dragged through hedge backwards’ hair texture.


Firework night

Ok, so this one is more coming into winter but sorry, WHO DOES NOT LIKE FIREWORK NIGHT? I LOVE the bonfire, I LOVE cooking things on the bonfire, and I LOVE fireworks that do sparkly sparkly. Catherine wheel is my personal favourite, there’s also a fair few people I’d like to chuck on there as the ‘guy’ this year, but unfortunately if I go to prison no one will cook for my Mum.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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