8 best X Factor Shockers

We all love a bit of reality TV. Even people that say they don’t, usually do. My favourite part of X Factor is when all the really horrific people audition, then when it filters down to people that are actually good, I lose interest. I do love a good shocking moment though. Here are my top ten favourite shockers.

Sharon Osborne throws Water over Louis Walsh

In 2005, Louis though he would sheer take his chances and make a snide remark about Ozzy Osborne. Big mistake mate. There’s people whose husbands you can make a snide remark about, and then there’s Sharon Osborne. Let’s not all forget this woman shits in Tiffany boxes and sends them to her enemies. Quite rightly, she threw a glass of water over him and soaked him. Love the fact Simon Cowell just find’s it funny.

Sinitta dresses as a palm leaf

If anything, the  X Factor is the one time of year that Simon Cowell drags Sinitta out from whatever hideaway he leaves her in when she’s not defending him in interviews and singing her shit 80’s songs at Butlins, and gives her a bit of limelight. Sensing that she was running out of shock value, in 2009 she decided to rock up to judges houses dressed as a palm leaf. As you do.


Steve Brookstein

Just him in general. He won. Seriously. I know a lot of us don’t remember that far back but who the fuck actually voted for him? He was about as entertaining as Alf Stewart eating a lettuce leaf.

Zoe Alexander does her pieces

If I went on a singing competition, and someone said I couldn’t sing, I’d be mortified. To be honest, I’d want to crawl out without anyone ever seeing me and hope that they didn’t show my audition on TV. What I WOULDN’T do is throw a massive strop when four of the biggest names in the music business said I couldn’t sing. That’s EXACTLY what Zoe Alexander did though, and after the judges panned her Pink cover, she kicked right off. Bad times.


I’ve put this on a previous top ten list of ‘best’ X Factor moments, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. I just love it. If you can’t be remembered for singing well, be remembered for having a strop and weighing in your mate live on stage.

Britney Spears and her terrible ‘live performance’

Do you remember as a 20 something person how happy you were when ‘Womanizer’ come out? I remember hearing it and thinking ‘YES GIRLS, Britney’s doing ok’. After all ‘it’s Britney bitch’. We all enjoyed slut dropping before it was called slut dropping to Womanizer in the club, so no wonder 12.8 MILLION people tuned in to see her perform it live on X Factor.

Unfortunately, it was shit.

When  Gary Barlow had a strop over Carolynne Pool

Yes, unfortunately if it isn’t the contestants having strops, the judges do a pretty good job of it too. Let’s be real, we all loved a bit of Rylan, and Carolynne was boring. Who cares if it was a singing competition and he couldn’t sing, he was a babe. So when he got through instead of Gary’s act, Gary did the honourable thing and stormed off like a five year old.

Honey G

In 2016, the old judging panel of Louis, Sharon, Simon and Nicole was bought back. A fresher take on the show was promised, and more intimacy was sought after by the production team by bringing back the room auditions. Simon Cowell wanted a change up, and changeup he got. I don’t think even the most seasoned X Factor veteran was ready for Honey G. The ‘rapper’ from ‘North Weezy’ (that’s North London apparently’ claims she is a genuine urban artist. She even has a song out if you care to take your Googling that far. Either way, she made it through to the live shows and put everyone’s backs up. She’s either a genius, or the most MENTAL person on earth.



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