Nando’s – Mayflower, Basildon

Everyone likes Nando’s. I’ve honestly never met anyone that doesn’t, and if they do exist out there, I’m sure they are given a wide berth, like people who say they ‘don’t like music’.

I love the fact that we have a Nando’s so close in Basildon, but the fact that another one was opening on the Mayflower Estate I was excited, then excited more to be asked to go and try it out for my blog.

I decided to take my two long suffering friends who have put up with me for 14 years along with one of my newer friends from work (I was hoping they could share tips with her on how to put up with me for so long). Usually when I go in Nando’s, I’m quite single minded. Get in, get food, and get out. I hate waiting for food you see. I can be the most polite person in the world but when it comes to food, forget it, I’m a nightmare.

This new Nando’s though, has got a lovely inside and doesn’t look like your typical Nando’s restaurant. They have intelligently set the floor plan out in such a way that each table gets an element of privacy. We actually had a little booth in the middle, which was good because the conversation was far too inappropriate for a Sunday afternoon.


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I like to basically judge people on the heat of their chicken, and their Nando’s order. I go for extra hot because I am double hard, and I always have the quarter of chicken. They’ve revamped the menu a bit and there is loads available, but I always go for my staple fries, rice and garlic bread. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Despite the fact that there were four of us, some faffing, and some random unnecessary clapping which my friend instigated for no reason what so ever, our food came very promptly. I like the addition of the handwashing station, and the drinks and sauces were on a little bank that was more spacious than other Nando’s I’d been to so you didn’t need to panic about drizzling garlic mayo on someone’s shoe.

 Although I am a Nando’s veteran, I never EVER have in my life thought to have a dessert. I like to pretend don’t eat sweet food, but in reality there are a couple of things I really like.

One of these things is the salted caramel brownie. It was exceptional. If you don’t like chicken please go for the brownie, honestly. I’m not ashamed to say I ate it in about three bites.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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