Why Honey G is one Step Ahead of All of us

She’s divided the nation more than Brexit. While the economy falls on its arse and the weather turns significantly horrendous, the whole of the UK are ignoring the larger issues of life and focusing on one important one.

Why on earth is Honey G still in X Factor?

We are used to weird and wonderful on the X Factor. Anyone who has read Simon Cowells book will know how much he actively encourages it to get ratings. A row over some undercooked chicken seemed to be as weird as it was going to get this season, then enter ‘Honey G’


Honey G, real name Anna Georgette Gilford is a self-confessed ‘super star rapper’ from North Weezy, which is apparently North West London to you and me (Harrow to be precise).

She burst into her first audition with all of the enthusiasm of a border collie, and dropped a freestyle before rapping along to a Missy Elliot track. Nicole and Sharon loved it, and Louis got on board but Simon had no idea what to make of it all. She failed at the six chair challenge, and was mischievously bought back when Ivy Grace could not get a visa to go to judges houses.

Robbie Williams declared himself a fan by saying ‘I’ll never forget Honey G’, and she has been storming the live shows ever since. So why are people up in arms about her success on the show?

She’s courted controversy since her first audition, but now we are well into the live shows, social media is full of rants like “good singers are leaving because of her” or “why is she still in?” There is one reason she is still in, and that is because Anna Georgette Gifford is a lot more clever than you think. Under the fingerprint laden OTT sunglasses, there is a middle class woman who owns a recruitment company and is clearly a marketing genius.

What Honey G is doing, is nothing different to the year and Essex couple schemed to get Joe McElderry off the number 1 spot by pushing sales of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the name of’. If people still continue to believe that shows like X Factor and TOWIE are GENUINE, then society has a much larger problem than a 35 year old in a cap having some banter at the expense of a show which will inevitably suck in and churn out a teenager who believes they will be a star before being relegated back to the pub scene and switching on Stirlings Christmas lights a year later.

If you think everything you see on X Factor is real, what do you make of the convenience of the random theme picker coming onto fright night on Halloween weekend? Honey G has turned the tables and made a fool out of a juggernaut that has been making a fool out of others for over a decade (look at Steve Brookenstein). If she wins, she’ll save one of the poor youngsters from catapulting into obscurity (let’s face it winners never do as well as runners up), and you’d best believe she’ll turn around and say it was all a laugh.

Plus, who WOULDN’T want Snoop Dogg to keep his promise to duet with her in the final?

I don’t vote for Honey G because I think she’s talented (although girl can spit bars). I vote for her because she takes on a power that has been shitting on the little guy for far too long.




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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