The Woman in Black – The Fortune Theatre

I’ve been to see Woman in Black about four times now, and after having seen the film and read the book, the play still never gets old. Knowing a bit where the surprises are coming now, one of the things I now enjoy about this play is taking others to see it and watching their reaction.

Woman in Black

In case you don’t know, the Woman in Black centres around the creepy Eel Marsh House, set on an island that can only be accessed by causeway. When Arthur Kipps gets sent to tidy up her affiars after she passes, strange going on’s happen.

These strange goings on were so jumpy my Mum actually scratched me at one point. I had to tell her to calm her tits right down because this was during the first half and the second is way worse. I don’t want to give too much away, but the way they do it is so clever and the ‘Woman in Black’ (clearly not a spoiler, if you go to a play called ‘Woman in Black’ and you don’t expect to see a ‘Woman in Black’ then you are a moron), is SO terrifying. I’d highly recommend this play for a little trip into London.

One bonus as well was because of the time of year we got to see all the prettyful lights. I LOVE London so much, really hoping to move to Stratford next summer so watch this space.



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