The King William IV – The Best Roast in Essex

So the King William IV in Chigwell has had a refurbishment. This was something I wanted to closely investigate. You see last time I went there, the food, and the décor were amazing, so I really couldn’t see what they would change?

King William Chigwell

The King William is nestled in the heart of Chigwell, and from the outside, it looks every bit as glamourous and luxurious as it is on the inside. When you walk in, the first thing you notice is how the re-designers have got the exactly perfect balance between rustic, rural cosiness, and all of the urban glamour you would expect from a regular TOWIE haunt.

King William Chigwell

We were shown straight to our seats. No fussing, just straight in and straight sat down. We were sat down the stairs in the back, in a small room that only accommodated six tables and had a log fire. Something I picked up on about the King William IV post refurbishment, is that even if it is busy, you can feel like you have every bit of privacy on your table.

King William Iv

It’s no coincidence that I Picked a Sunday to go. Sunday roasts here are the stuff of legend. So once I’d settled in with a glass of very punchy sangiovese, I made my decision. I was going to tackle the trio of roast. I mean, if you are going to go for a roast, you might as well go for the full shebang. I don’t want to waste valuable eating time agonising over the decision between pork or beef.

King William Roast

When the roast came up, I looked at it like ‘I’ll never eat all that’. That was where any thoughts of not completing the meal stopped. The meat was cooked in the delightful manner whereby if it’s on the bone, it falls off it and if it isn’t you can tell it did at some point. Not only was the Yorkshire light and amazing, but it was as big as my head. You can’t grumble at a piece of food that is as big as your head can you?

Trio of roast

Now on for dessert, which for most people is the highlight of the meal but for me is a massive faff. I have got more specific dietary requirements than Mariah Carey, so I usually resign myself to the fact I can’t have anything. However, the King William IV came up trumps again. The blackberry and apple crumble was a perfect choice for me, as there really weren’t any ingredients that would make me unwell.


What a choice! There really is no other way to describe the sweetness and lightness of the crumble itself other than to say it tasted like a fluffy little cloud. The fruit was equally as tasty, and I did work out that with that and the wine, I’d had three of my five a day. Wow. I felt so healthy.

New York Cheesecake

This is now the second time I’ve been here, and I honestly could not recommend it highly enough. Hoping to get down here at least one more Sunday before Christmas.

Added bonus, if you don’t like a roast, the rest of the menu looks incredible too.



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  1. […] so this is my local. I’ve visited loads of times but one of the main attractions here is the Sunday roast. You’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Essex that does a roast as well as these guys. […]


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