Fun Ways to Customise Your Trainers



We all have a favourite pair (or two) of trainers that we love to wear all the time. They are sturdy and match almost everything in our wardrobe. As the writers of Complex magazine have indicated, style, durability, fit and the materials used are just a few of the factors that make great athletic trainers. But even the best footwear will experience some wear and tear, even the ones that have lasted us several years.

The distressed look has been proven popular among luxury labels, but many consumers lean towards the brand new feel rather than the aged, as Lyst explains brands like Gucci remain true to their heritage and aesthetic with everything from their bags to their footwear. New trumps the old, though it doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old kicks.

If you’re extra artsy, try revamping old shoes to give them a new look. A DIY project will be much cheaper than buying a new pair, plus, it’s an excuse to get your craft on!

Here are a few ideas on breathing new life into your old trainers:

1) Laceless Canvas Trainers

While the different shoelace styles can be fun to experiment with, some people are simply not fans of having to tie and untie them. If you’re one of those that prefer slip-ons, consider sewing down the sides of the tongue and attaching a piece of elastic band on the inside for laceless trainers. You can also choose to dye them if they are white canvas shoes. Check out Dream a Little Bigger for the complete tutorial.

2) Spray Painted Toms

The thing about the fabric on Toms is that they tend to fade over time, but with the help of white spray paint, the shoes will transform from drab to fab. Taping the tag and the soles, stuff the shoes with paper and then wrap them with doilies, and you’re ready to spray! Feel free to use any colour, if you prefer something other than white. For instructions with pictures, visit Lil Blue Boo for a more detail procedure of how to execute this DIY makeover.

3) Galaxy Print Trainers

Whether we’re talking about nails or bath bombs, the galaxy colour scheme is something we cannot stop obsessing about. If your sneakers have turned off-white or if you’re bored with your black canvas shoes, upgrade them with a galaxy print. You’ll need an array of washable paints, sponges and paintbrushes (toothbrushes work too), and a sealant. For directions from the expert who sells galaxy shoes on Etsy, have a look at Haley Taught Me How’s blog.


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