Orsett Hall Hotel


There are not a lot of spa hotels in Essex and Suffolk I haven’t been to. I’m not saying that to sound posh, because I once went to LifeHouse Spa and sung Notorious B.I.G in the foot spa, but what I’m saying is, I know my way around a relaxation room.

I’ve never even noticed Orsett Hall Hotel. I mean, I’d heard of it obviously, but I didn’t even realise it was a hotel spa as well as a function venue for Christmas parties.  I had the pleasure of staying there last Friday for a night, and I was so pleasantly surprised I’m thinking of booking up again, just because I can.

The Rooms


Again, having not really taken much notice of Orsett Hall in the past, I didn’t really know what to expect from the rooms. Obviously for the price we paid (£119 per night) I would of expected them to be nice, but they were incredibly nice. Our room was light and airy, and had a massive TV, that not only had all the channels, but wait for it, Netflix AND Youtube. How impressive is that?


The shower and bath, and bathroom in general were spotless, and the bathroom was actually quite big. The best thing was, the rest of our party who ended up booking completely separately actually ended up in the adjoining room. A touch for us, not for them though, considering I woke them all up at 7am because I wanted to know if anyone was coming to the spa.


The Service

The service at Orsett Hall was amazing. Not only did the rooms look spotless and inviting when we arrived, but the staff did a turn down service which included leaving bottles of water in the sink cooling (which was VERY welcome after the night before’s wine) and cater to all our requests during the evening. Such as being idiots and losing our key. Then being idiots and losing our key. Then being idiots, and funnily enough, losing our key.

The Spa

By far, my favourite thing about Orsett Hall Hotel is the spa. I went down in the morning for a little swim and had it all to myself. The pool wasn’t big, but I doubt it gets so busy that you can’t actually get in, and if you do have to wait there are pretty comfortable deck chairs around the edge.

The sauna and steam room were brilliant. I sometimes find they can be a bit TOO hot but they were the perfect temperature. One of my personal favourites was the square Jacuzzi, as I love plonking myself in a corner of a Jacuzzi and staying there. Also, big love to the relaxation room. What a place to be a touch hungover.


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  1. […] On the face of it; I’d go again. I’d just be more prepared to pay extra for everything, aside from breathing. It was a nice weekend, but for the money you pay you could have a full weekend spa break somewhere in Essex with a much nicer spa, like Orsett hall. […]


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