Chanel Ultrawear

Ask any beauty blogger what their absolute, go to foundation is, and, chances are they will answer Estee Lauder doublewear. You know in films, like Titanic, and you are like “hang about, how has she got a full face of make up when the boat sunk?” Well, because, doublewear. Rumour has it Estee Lauder actually created to withstand a nuclear blast. OK, I made that last bit up, so let’s all just agree it’s an amazing foundation.

I do feel like a traitor even saying this, but I’ve had better. Coming to me in a sample in Vogue, like an illicit one night stand you fall in love with after one use, Chanel ultrawear absolutely rocked my world. It’s thick, like doublewear, which is sometimes a factor that puts people off. To me, it’s all in he application, and I believe if you do it right you can entirely avoid your face looking like one of Mary Berry’s creations. One thing I like about ultrawear is the coverage, from minger to maiden in 30 seconds. I mean, I know other foundations offer the same, but this really is a snapchat filter in real life.

You can’t deny it. It’s a pure goer. I’ve always been a bit of a floozy when it comes to make up, so I may change again, but for now, this is my weapon of choice when it comes to hiding my spots and eye bags.

Chanel ultrawear

As it is so good, it is quite hard to get off, but I use Naturally Better You make up remover and it comes off fine.


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