7 Free Things You Can Do That Your Mind Will Thank You For

The concept of keeping your mental well-being at a healthy level has become increasingly popular in the last few years – and for good reason. Not only are mental health issues on the rise, but there is also a long line of complete tossers like Piers Morgan who are still so far in the dark ages they think it is ok to tell people to ‘pull themselves together’ if they suffer from mental health issues.

With all of this going on, the positives are that people are taking a lot more time out to look after the health of their minds as well as their bodies, and here are a few different things you can try.



For a long time, people saw meditation as something hippies and Buddhists practiced that was completely inaccessible to them. The truth is, meditation really can be as advanced or as simple as you want it. You can do something as little as taking a few minutes out of the day to use the Headspace app or learning from in-depth, guided meditation. Whatever you choose to do, it is all something that is on the path that leads to a healthy mind.

Go Outdoors

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Not the best advice for the winter, but even so, if the weather is at least dry you can wrap up. Going out alone for a walk every day for even just ten minutes will not only give you some alone time to clear your mind, but the fresh air will do you good, and it is all physical exercise. Even if you take a drive to somewhere that has nice scenery like a beach or a park and then walk when you get there, you will still enjoy all of the benefits.

Say Something Nice To Someone


Have you ever noticed how great you feel whenever you compliment someone? That’s because it is just a genuinely nice thing to do. Communicating with people can seem like the last thing you want to do when you feel a bit frazzled, but texting your bestie and telling her how much will love her will not only make her feel great – it will make you feel fabulous too.  

Exercise Your Brain

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Just like all of the other parts of your body, your brain needs exercise. You can get loads of games on consoles like the Nintendo Wii to do some brain training, or if not you can opt for a crossword or sudoku puzzle. If not, why try and figure out how your microwave actually does times instead of just pressing the increase by 30 seconds button? That’s always a conundrum.

Accept Things The Way They Are


One of the main things we are good at doing as a human race is comparing ourselves to others. In the age of social media, it can be easy to look at what other people look like, what they are doing, and what they are achieving and think that we are really far behind them. Try not to think like this. Everyone has a different place in this crazy world which is meant just for them. Focus on what you are and what YOU have achieved rather than what others think. I gave up on worrying what everyone thinks of me years ago, and this is how I have become the foul-mouthed alcoholic who offends everyone in sight that you all know and love today.

Drink More Water


Don’t worry, I know how annoying this is when it comes up on every single list of things that are good for you ever. The only reason is though, not only is water great for you, but it is free. Every single part of your body needs to be hydrated to work, especially your brain which is made up of a fair bit of water (some peoples more than others). If you literally cannot stand it, put a slice of lemon and lime in to give it a bit of flavour. Try and drink from a jug all day so that you can monitor how much you are drinking.


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We all jokes about how much we love lazing in bed on a Sunday watching Gossip Girl on Netflix for the 100th time – but it actually is good for you. There’s a difference between things being mentally exhausting and physically exhausting, and just because your body doesn’t feel tired it doesn’t mean that your brain isn’t a bit run down. Try and take at least a few hours a week where you are not expected to do anything, and you can just chill with a book or a box set



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