Tetley Super Green Tea Sunshine With Lemon And Orange


You know you are getting older when you start getting bang on the herbal teas. I tend to favour a bit of Chamomile now and again because it helps me calm myself down a bit and not murder any commuters on my journey to and from work. I do also like Green Tea but I must admit the taste isn’t my favourite. 

When Wildcard PR got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try the new Tetley Super Green Tea sunshine With Lemon And Orange it actually came at a time when I was looking for some new tea to try and give me a little boost without living on coffee all day, which as much as I know is bad for me, I still do because isn’t that what you are supposed to do as an adult?

One thing that has always put me off Green Tea is that I am not a massive lover of the taste. I mean I don’t mind it but it wouldn’t be my first preference if there were other options available. The lemon and lime in the new Tetley tea give the tea a lot more of a fresher flavour and the actual Green Tea flavour is a little less strong than ‘straight up’ Green Tea.

The great hook of Tetley’s newest addition to their herbal tea’s is that it has vitamin D in it. 23% of the daily allowance no less. Vitamin D is essential to healthy skin, teeth and bones, and humans tend to get it from sunshine but not humans in the UK considering we get about one day of sunshine per year. So a few cups of this a day and  you will reap the benefits of vitamin D without having to even think about supplements or consciously adding it to your diet.

I also found that having a couple of cups of this per day gave me a lot more energy and not just a little boost like coffee, but actually enough energy to stop me falling asleep on the tube or the overground on the way home. If like me you are a lover of all things tea I would 100% recommend popping down to your local supermarket and getting some of this for your drawer.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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