Skinkissed Serum



It’s unusual for me to find a skin product that works for my combination skin. It is honestly a nightmare – half of it being dry as the Sahara dessert and half of it being like the Johnson & Johnson baby oil factory. When Skinkissed asked me if I wanted to try their serum I was intrigued due to the fact that it had anti-ageing properties as well as helping clear up your skin. Let’s face it this gal is nearly 30 so I need to do as much as possible on the anti-ageing front but I am unfortunately still cursed with teenage breakouts.

You can buy Skinkissed’s serum on Amazon which makes life a lot easier (hello saved card details). At £13.95 it is about mid-range when it comes to vitamin c serums. I have always used standard vitamin c serums so I was interested to try a product that also had collagen and hyaluronic acid in it. At first use I was expecting it to go on quite dry due the the hyaluronic acid element – but it actually is quite moisturising. You do noticeably feel the different when you first apply it – there is definitely an element of ‘tightening’. Personally when I use new beauty products I like to give them a good week to measure the effects. I would estimate I started seeing the effects of Skinssed serum in about two days.

One the I have recently become obsessed with is Micellar water. I found I got into quite the little groove using this and then my Skinkissed serum of a morning and evening. It managed to clear up my skin quite a bit and I have noticed measurable results from the collagen. Certainly there is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and not only that it managed to reduce my eye bags which have become a permanent feature in the last few months.

I am in the fortunate position where I get to try a lot of beauty products and this is one I’ll be adding to my routine. I do find it a bit drying if I use to more than once a day, so I may not use it as often as I have been but it certainly will be working it’s way in there a couple of times a week.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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