LA Skincare Review



I’ve been quite lucky over the last few weeks to be invited to try some really great products. Skincare products have been especially welcome because the constant change in the weather honestly sends my skin mental. LA Skincare got in touch and asked if i would like to try their starter kit which was really generous. I must admit I tend to take my skincare really seriously – so if you send me a six step process I will 100% take the time to use it all carefully.

One of the things I loved about all of the LA Skincare products is that they all smelled like the products they use on you when you have a facial at the spa which made the whole process a little bit more relaxing. There are six steps to complete and I used the whole six steps a couple of times over a week or so and it REALLY cleared up a breakout I was suffering.

Step 1 – Squeaky Clean Facial Cleanser

The first step is a very light and airy cleanser. It comes up quite foamy so you really do not need to use a lot to get a full cleanse. I used this product the most out of the starter kit because it was gentle enough to cleanse day with. It didn’t feel as harsh on the skin as some cleansers do and it certainly wasn’t as drying.

Step 2 – Sweetie Sugar Scrub

The sugar scrub certainly does smell sweet and again it is nowhere near as harsh as some scrubs are. I always prefer a sugar scrub to a salt scrub because I feel they dehydrate your skin less and make it feel smoother overall.

Step 3 – Chocolate Delight Face Mask

By far my favourite product out of the 6. I used this a couple of times in a week to clear up a breakout I was suffering from and it really helped. It also has the added bonus that it smells exactly like chocolate and makes your bathroom smell like Thornton’s when you use it.

Step 4 – Plump Me Up Moisturiser

The first moisturising product was a really gentle one. It actually feels quite a lot like the face wash. When you use it, you do actually feel the plumping effects instantly which is unusual for a product that it so light to use.

Step 5 – Soft As Silk Serum

It feels like beauty really has become all about the serums lately. You only need a tiny bit of this one and out of all of the products this is the one that smells most like something they would use when you are having a spa facial. I really like this one – and out of all of the other products this is my ‘go to’ if I just need to quickly give my skin a bit of life.

Step 6 – Whipped Cream Moisturiser

The finishing touch of the whole process is the whipped cream moisturiser and it really does finish off the process. It isn’t mega greasy like some moisturisers can be and it gives a really smooth finish. I’d definitely be confident about putting make up on and it staying put after the LA Skincare process.

If you want to have a look at how the products work and what they look like, I have filmed a Youtube review of all six steps.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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