Hello Day Blogger Breakfast At Mae Deli

It isn’t often I get a chance to visit Bond Street. Working in advertising, more specifically ad tech, I often get the chance to wander around Shoreditch and Tottenham Court Road before and after meetings but if I am ever in Bond Street then it is usually just to do a bit of shopping and pretend I’m posh (I’m not remotely posh – FYI).

Being on a massive health kick at the moment I was interested to learn more about Hello Day and their products and a blogger breakfast sounded perfect. Killing two birds with one stone is amazing when you are as busy as me so I was also thrilled at the chance to finally get to try Deliciously Ella’s Mae Deli. Upon arrival I had to unglue my eyes from the splendid selection of treats available on the counter, as our event was to be held in the room downstairs.


As Hello Day were promoting their Autumn box the room was decorated in Autumn colours, complete with cute leaves on the table with our granola.


There were two speakers who were to explain the theory behind Hello Day to us; Dr Dawn Harper (from Embarrassing Bodies) and Angelique Panagos who is a registered nutritionist.

One thing that struck me when they were talking about not only the product but the entire theory behind Hello Day was how much sense it made. Eating seasonal food is something that has been practised since humanity began so it is no wonder that our bodies have evolved to require the nutrients provided by whatever food is in season at that particular time. Dr Harper raised an excellent point. While most of us put our hands up to admit we had already started thinking about our Autumn wardrobes, none of us actually raised our hands to say we had started to think about our Autumn diet or even our overall health during this season.

Autumn for me has always been something to look forward to purely for Halloween and the run up to Christmas. Not to mention the gingerbread lattes and the excuse to buy a thousand jumpers. I’ve never really sat and thought to myself “right how am I going to look after myself inside now the weather is going to start changing so drastically?”. The premise behind Hello Day’s Autumn box is simple – you can’t supplement out a bad diet and lifestyle to be magically healthy, but you can use supplements as a bit of a boost if you are mostly trying to be healthy.

We were given the Autumn box to try and I can safely say even after a few days I feel better in myself and my skin is starting to look better. I definitely have more energy since I have been taking the Vitality Balance capsules. Once I have finished the full month I will be doing a more in-depth review – but as it stands it certainly looks like I’ll be buying another one to see me through the rest of Autumn.


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  1. […] little while ago I attended the Hello Day blogger breakfast at the Mae Deli and said I would report back the results after having tried my products in the Autumn box. […]


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