Hello Day – Autumn Box


A little while ago I attended the Hello Day blogger breakfast at the Mae Deli and said I would report back the results after having tried my products in the Autumn box. Obviously you get the best results if you have a balanced diet and lead quite a healthy lifestyle, which I was doing until a weekend away in Greece when I fell off the wagon a bit with drinking and eating absolute rubbish (if you go to a small fishing village in Greece and you are vegetarian all you will get is carbs). One of the things I was really surprised at is how low physically and mentally I felt after falling off the wagon for just a few days – and another surprise was how much Hello Day’s Autumn Box helped me feel normal again. The box is made up of four different products of specifically blended supplement to help your body adjust to the new season.

Beauty Boost (Capsules)

“Beauty Boost is a food supplement to promote healthy skin, nails and hair. It’s made from a combination of ingredients including Horsetail, a plant extract, and Cystine to help strengthen hair and nails and encourage growth, Vitamins B6 and C for healthy skin, with Selenium and Zinc as antioxidants.” – Hello Day.

The results for the beauty boost capsules have been excellent in the 2 and a half weeks I have been taking them. My big thing in the Winter isn’t necessarily suffering breakouts, it’s the horrifically dry skin I get even if I do moisturise regularly. I noticed after the first week my skin was getting a little bit more smooth and radiant. Usually a change in the weather makes me break out quite badly, so I though the travelling to Greece would give me a huge breakout but it has been really minimal, and there were a couple of days I forgot to take them while away.

Digestion Cleanse (Dissolvable Sachet – Mint Flavour )

“Over the Summer, we build up toxins that can lead to tiredness and stress, especially as our systems have to work extra hard to banish them. Dietary deficiencies, caused by a lack of food rich in vitamins and minerals, lead to low physical and mental energy.
A colon cleanse-related “detox” can help you overcome nutritional imbalances and be ready to face Autumn.” – Hello Day.

I know what you are thinking, because we all think the same when we hear the word ‘cleanse’. Don’t worry – there are absolutely no unpleasant effects of this. This is the main one I forgot when I was away, and when I came back I felt bloated and unhappy because I felt I’d put on around half a stone in one weekend. After three days back on the digestion cleanse my bloating has completely gone. Obviously being back to eating healthy has helped this but the digestion cleanse has really given me a further boost, and I find if I take it in the morning I reduce that sluggish feeling you get around 4pm.

Immunity Shield (Dissolvable Sachet – Passion Fruit Flavour)

“Temperatures fall during Autumn and we are prone to coughs and colds, especially if feeling tired or stressed. Start boosting your system with Immunity Shield’s specific active ingredients to protect it from unwanted viruses.” – Hello Day.

Both the Immunity Boost and the digestion cleanse are dissolvable sachets that come out brown but don’t let that put you off – they taste fine. The immunity shield one is obviously hard to measure results for but one thing I will say is that I have usually had a cold by this point in the Autumn season and I haven’t yet so it must be doing some good.

Vitality Balance (Capsules)

“Vitality Balance is a food supplement capsule to help reduce tiredness and the risk of seasonal depression. It’s made from a combination of ingredients including Magnesium, to help combat fatigue, and Siberian Ginseng Root with toning actions to promote wellbeing. Rhodiola helps you be physically and mentally alert while Passionflower induces calmness to deal with the demands of the change in climate as the days become shorter and colder.” – Hello Day.

Out of everything in the Autumn box, this really was the product that stood out for me. I love it. I make no secret of it on this blog – I suffer from anxiety. Recently I chose to come off of my medication which as anyone knows can be a bit of a bumpy ride. Usually I turn to the Kalms if I have a bad day but since I have been taking the Vitality Balance I haven’t needed to. It really has helped even out my mood and combat that ever present fatigue you seem to suffer in the colder months. For anyone thinking of trying any of the Hello Day products, start with this if you can’t get the full box. It’s something you really will notice results from.

The Verdict

At £79.00 I can understand people asking what they get for their money, and why would you just not take regular vitamins. Well for one, are you going to research all of the vitamins your body needs through the specific season and buy them all separately? Of course you are not. Are you going to figure out the exact amounts and blend that are going to give the best effect? No. The Hello Day Autumn box will give you an entire month of goodness.

Let’s face it girls, £79.00 is like what, a foundation and an eyeliner? If you want to feel and look good this Autumn for all of those cute Instagram pictures – start from the inside and invest in this. I know I’ll be getting another one when this one has run out.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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