Are You Dating In The Wrong Area?

Do you ever feel like you have literally exhausted the dating pool? I mean, I live in Essex and work in London and even I scroll through dating apps sometimes and think “wait, I’ve seen this person before”. We live in a day and age where there really are just a select few of the best dating sites. One of the things that is amazing about London is that there are so many places to go on great dates but unfortunately this doesn’t change the fact that you keep coming across the same people time and time again. If you use a really niche dating site like date divorced singles you will find that the pool is even smaller. You may also find that city people are just not your type. Many people have moved into London from more rural area’s and would like to meet someone who shares their passion for all things green. So there a few places outside of London that you can try dating that are far from boring, with plenty of things to do.


Suffolk is a mere couple of hours away from central London on the train – and let’s face it, it can take that long to get from A to B in the city in a car due to traffic. Search for dating agency Suffolk and once you have registered you ca start trying to find a potential partner. There are plenty of things to do in Suffolk on dates and some of them are much more exiting than just sitting in a restaurant or bar in the city. Walk around Hemlington Hall or if the weather is nice visit Aldeburgh Beach for the famous sculptures. If you are feeling really fancy and adventurous you could even visit Newmarket Racecourses for the day. Suffolk has the ability to mix the countryside and the beach, and even if the weather isn’t great don’t let that stop you from visiting one of the many castles or country houses on your date.


Bedfordshire is an even shorter train ride from London, with journeys to most places there being around one hour. Find a Bedfordshire dating site and start browsing for that perfect someone because things to do on your date in Bedfordshire will be the least of your worries. Visit Bedford park and get a good fill of the fresh air and the countryside, or if you are more of an indoor person visit the Stockwood Discovery Centre and view the ever changing exhibitions. Getting out and doing something cultural will give you much more to talk about on a first date than visiting a noisy bar in the city.


find a Berkshire dating site and get going as soon as possible, because there is plenty to do in Berkshire on a first date or even a few dates into your budding new relationship. The shortest journey from London on the list, clocking in at around half an hour to get into Reading station, Berkshire is one of the best places for a short burst of culture. Basildon park is a great place to have a walk and really get to know each other, and Reading Museum is a great indoor location that has incredible exhibition as well as historical displays like the copy of the Bayeux Tapestry.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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