September Favourites

So yes, we are a little bit in to October now, but I still wanted to share a few things that I have absolutely been loving in September. I have had a brilliant September which has included a holiday to Greece. Although it was slightly chilly I managed to catch up with some friends I used to work over there with, which was perfect.

Deliciously Ella’s Weighthouse Street Deli


I went to a blogger breakfast at the Weighhouse Street Deli in September to promote the launch of the Hello Day Autumn box. The blogger event was really good, and the deli itself was super cut. They served us all food from the menu and I fell in love with the smashed avocado toast (which had sun-dried tomato and chilli on it) and also the chia pudding which was my personal favourite. I can’t wait to find another excuse to go back there for breakfast. It’s really central as well and is just next to Bond Street station, so a good stop off if you are doing some Christmas shopping.

Primark Make Up

I got a My Perfect Colour lip gloss and a PS Master Eyeshadow Palette. The lip gloss is a bit sticky – but for £1.50 compared to my usual Urban Decay Revolution which comes in at £15. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the eyeshadow palette. The pigmentation was really good for a budget palette and because I’d taken it on holiday without primer or setting spray I wasn’t expecting great miracles. It actually stayed on all night when we went out clubbing while I was away, so I would definitely recommend investing in some Primark make up if anything as a back up or something cheap to pack in your suitcase whenever you go away. It’s probably a bit of a liberty that Primark keep copying high end make up, but I personally think it’s banter.

Vegetable Sushi

As a vegetarian, sometimes I have to eat fish simply because there are not a lot of vegetarian options in some restaurants. This isn’t my first choice at all and I really don’t like sushi with fish in, however after recently discovering vegetable sushi I have been so surprised at how much I like it. The best one I have found so far is the Marks and Spencer’s one, which has a bit of cheeky mango in one of the rolls. I’ve also recently discovered that Aldi sell it so I’ve literally been stocking up every time I go in to my local one. It’s less than 300 calories per pack as well – so its a great healthy option for lunch.



We have a Pret next door to the office so I’ll often pop in for a coconut flat white. The other day I dropped a full one all over the office floor before I had even taken a sip. For a laugh, I tweeted Pret to tell them and they asked for my address. After a particularly bad week I got a parcel the other day and they sent me through some treats to ease the loss of my coffee.

Kiwi Hotel Greece

I popped over to Greece this month to see the girls I worked with at the Sani Resort in 2013. When we all worked there we lived in the Kiwi Hotel, which is also a customer facing hotel. The owner Dimi runs the hotel with his family, and it is a seriously good stay for the money. The great thing about Kiwi is that there are things to do in the town it’s in but it’s also a great base to go and explore other places that are more expensive to stay in. They really welcome into their family when you stay and nothing is too much for them. In the summer, this is a great place to stay and go and explore Sani and Afytos and other places, as they are only all about 8 euro in a taxi but hotels in the towns themselves will cost you double what Kiwi would. If you ever book, tell the Kelly recommended you!

Giving Up Alcohol

I gave up alcohol a while back and haven’t drunk for ages. I thought I’d have a few drinks on holiday and it wouldn’t hurt – I was seriously wrong. My anxiety was through the roof and I have now come to terms with the fact that I can’t even have a couple of drinks without making it bad now I don’t drink at all. It’s something I think I’ll persevere with for the rest of my life if I am being honest, I’m a bit of an idiot when I’m drunk anyway so it really isn’t worth it.

Hello Day Autumn Box

I’ve already written a separate blog post about how much I loved this, but it really is worth mentioning again. The Vitality Boost capsules really helped my mood stabilise after my holiday. If you can afford to get one of these I would highly recommend it as a way to prepare your body for the colder months to come with the correct vitamins and nutrients. Looking forward to see what their winter box has to offer.

Quo Vadis, Soho


We advertise with Yahoo and they took us out for lunch the other day. We went to Quo Vadis in Soho, which was one of the best places I have been in London. After my holiday of over indulging I was hoping to get some really good fresh food – and they didn’t disappoint. I had the cod with the mashed potato in olive oil which was simple but absolutely what I needed after a weekend of spaghetti napolitana. Because they had no tables they sat us in the members area, which was lovely, but the downstairs restaurant looked just as nice. I would highly recommend eating here if you fancy a treat in London anytime soon, especially as it is within walking distance to most of the good theatres.



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