Bottomless Brunch At The Bad Egg, Moorgate

Over the weekend I went to The Bad Egg in Moorgate for one of my friends 30th birthdays.  I know a bottomless brunch sounds absolutely ridiculous if you don’t drink alcohol, but I’m not just going to long off everyone’s social events.

The Bad Egg is the hottest place in London. No, literally, it is the HOTTEST place in London. Maybe they crank up the temperature to get everyone out quick before they get their monies worth of prosecco. My advice before you even enter is to wear a vest top and flip flops.

The bottomless brunch consists of two courses and bottomless prosecco or mimosas. If you are alcohol free like me you can get bottomless soft drinks and tea and coffee, although I would advise against the coffee unless you want to absolutely sweat your tits off. The two courses I chose were the mac n cheese balls and the pancakes with jam and cream. I know that sounds like a really random combo but there was vegetarian stuff that wasn’t really taking my fancy on the menu and I had just found out I have lost quite a bit of weight over the last few weeks so I thought I’d treat myself.

The mac n cheese balls were basically deep fried balls of mac n cheese. They were greasy and splendid and the perfect comfort food. Let’s face it you will more than likely be going here for a special occasion so why not have a blowout and eat about 1200 calories in one go. I swear to god if I ever find out to make these I will be the size of a house, so I am deliberately not looking it up. The pancakes with maple syrup, jam and cream were absolutely delicious, if a bit sickly for me as I don’t usually eat things like this. Compared to some of the other places I have had the pleasure of eating in London – the food isn’t great here. There is also a seriously stupid toilet situation (one for the whole restaurant). But did it stop me having a good time? Absolutely not. The girls managed to do 8 prosecco’s in the two hour time slot, which is a pretty good effort if you ask me. The Bad Egg isn’t somewhere you come for fine dining or a wine list that includes a nice chateauneuf du pape. IT is, however, a place you can come for a good laugh, plenty of alcohol and some perfectly adequate food. The staff are super friendly, and the waitress didn’t even chuck me out for getting over excited and doing a party popper when she came to take our order. You can’t say fairer than that, and it certainly is a great place to celebrate a birthday. Just go to the loo before you leave the house.

The ‘bottomless brunch’ is £32.00 for the alcoholic option and £20.50 for the ‘virgin’ version. You will need to book ahead as it gets busy – especially on weekends



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