My Top Five Bloggers This Week

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I saw a tweet the other day about how some bloggers will go on and comment on a blog without reading the actual blog. I must admit, I love reading blogs and sometimes I really want to comment but can’t think of anything to say (total first for me). I think we are all guilty of leaving a bit of a generic comment here and there but for the most bloggers I don’t think it means they don’t read the blogs themselves. So owing to the fact that I probably have left a bit of a rubbish generic comment here and there, I thought I’d start a weekly post where I shared the ten blogs I’ve loved reading this week and why.

Beauty By The Bunny

Beauty By The Bunny is one of my all time favourite blogs. Not only do I enjoy the seriously pretty pictures but her posts are well written and well thought out. The post I cam across that I loved reading this week was one about Guru Gossip. I completely agree – it is absolutely vile. The worst thing is for me as a programmatic media buyer I literally cannot believe how naive and stupid the people that write on it are. Let me tell you this – the person who invented that website is ABSOLUTELY RUBBING THEIR HANDS TOGETHER. They are generating a huge amount of income from PPC without actually having to write any content. Negative keywords actually do a lot better than positive ones in the world of media buying so the forum has just gained popularity without the owner having to do much apart from host it for about £3 a week and just literally earning cash doing nothing. If you do feel the need to comment on here please think about the revenue you are generating for the absolute degenerate that started this website.

I love programmatic and could talk about it all day, so if any members of the forum want me to explain how someone is literally making £100’s off of their negative comments towards bloggers I’ll be happy to explain the supply side process.

When Tania Talks

I’ve met Tania at a couple of blogging events and she is literally the nicest person ever – which I feel comes across on her blog anyway. One of posts I really enjoyed was her post on Visible vs Invisible Disability and Chronic Illness. As an ex-carer I completely appreciate how inconsiderate people can be towards wheelchair users – I’ve had many a row about accessible toilets being used by people who don’t need them while out in the community with my guys. The point she makes about the attitude of strangers towards people with invisible disability or chronic illness really hit home for me though. I suffer from IBS and although luckily I have always been fortunate enough to avid some of the more embarrassing problems associated with it – the pain that I suffer some days is immeasurable. After a few meds changes and a healthier lifestyle without alcohol it is getting there but some days the pain is so severe it’s a miracle I get out of bed. So when I do, and I still drag myself all the way to central London for work – I don’t really want to be judged for sitting on a tube seat when there is a lady there with a happy, healthy 7 year old bouncing around. I completely agree that people shouldn’t judge. You never know what goes on behind closed doors – just be nice.

Lylia Rose

Again, a blog I read really regularly and catch up with as often as I have the chance. This week I loved reading 9 Indoor activities to keep adults entertained at home this winter. I’ve recently started decorating my room which I was hoping would be quite an easy task. Although it’s nice that I have a little project to keep me going through winter I fear it is going to take me a lot longer than anticipated at my current rate of filling in about one hole every four weeks and then sanding the wall down. Potentially, I’m probably just going to sway towards one of the other tips – binging on boxsets.

Simona’s Corner Of Dreams

I loved reading Simona’s My Unpopular Opinions blog. To be honest I can’t really get on board with not liking cheese but I do get where she is coming from on some others. Like Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s yeah I like them but why is everyone so obsessed with them? Really agree about everyone being obsessed by Love Island as well. I tried to watch one episode of the last series and I literally felt my brain melting. I think one of my most unpopular opinions is that I legit have no interest what so ever in Game Of Thrones. I’ve never watched it and I probably never will. It’s a shame because I absolutely love Emilia Clarke but not enough to tolerate that nonsense.

Louise Chatters

I came across this blog on the lifestyle bloggers hashtag this week and I loved it. Louise is refreshingly honest and the post that I read from the hashtag was Do you ever get stuck in a rut? I think this resonates with so many people and I really feel like our generation are under more and more pressure to know all of the answers at a really young age. I thought I knew what I wanted to do until February of this year at the age of 29 – I completely upturned my career and went full time into marketing and it is the first thing that has ever challenged me enough to want to do forever. It’s also hard to match things you love with a career – trust me that thing you love can soon turn to a thing you hate if you do it in the wrong environment. I think there are plenty of us out there that don’t really know what to do with ourselves – but life always seems to put you on the right path in the end.

So there you have it guys – just because I sometimes either don’t leave a comment or leave a bit of a generic one it doesn’t mean that I haven’t read your posts. Feel free to leave all of your links in the comments so I can catch up on all of your blogs when I get the chance.




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  1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for letting me know who your top five bloggers are.


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