10 Times Gemma Collins Has Made Us Laugh

Gemma Collins. Towie Star. Diva. National treasure. As the most hot-headed and confrontational one of he TOWIE cast (past AND present) it’s almost a surprise that Gemma has become so loved by the nation. The collection of memes (or memays as she pronounces it) have sky rocketed her to stardom. So what have been the contributing factors to her rise to fame?

Her First TOWIE Appearance

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(Image source: Youtube)

Many people forget how Gemma burst onto our screens as the car saleswoman with the gift of the gab that was looking for love. Who can forget how mortified Mick was when he realised that Kirk was trying to set him up with Gemma. People really didn’t know what to make of Gem, a lifelong friend of Harry Derbridge when she first showed up on scenes in TOWIE and it is perhaps hard to remember her softer and more vulnerable side during her unrequited love period where Mick showed ZERO interest. This is no doubt because of the amount of fiery rows she’s been in – especially with on/off best friend Bobby. It’s safe to say her TOWIE entrances was more than underwhelming at the time – and the worst part?

Kirk didn’t even buy the car.

Her Numerous Fake Tan Fails


(Image source: Daily Mirror)

Looking unattainably flawless if one of the things we love to hate about all of the TOWIE girls so it’s wonderful that Gemma has tan and make up fails just like the rest of us. the thing everyone loves about Gemma is how honest and unapologetic she is about not fitting in with the traditional Essex girl stereotype. Seeing someone as prominent in the media as her get it wrong is reassuring to every girl that has ever had to go to work with streaks or fake tan hands.


When She Baked Mick The Pie

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(Image source: Youtube)

If there is anything funnier than the time Gemma thought she could snare Mick by baking him a pie, I don’t know what it is. Every girl knows the way to a man is through his stomach so it seemed like the perfect plan. As foolproof as it was him not actually being in scuppered things somewhat, so in the way many great romances started, she left it on his doorstep in what was to become one of the greatest TOWIE episodes with ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic’ playing in the background. Unfortunately for Gem he really thought Chloe had baked it which was mad because he still asked her out any way, even though he did think she was a weird doorstep pie leaver.

I’m A Celebrity

'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' TV Programme, Australia - 19 Nov 2014

(Image source: Huffpost)

There isn’t even one part of I’m A Celebrity that Gemma enjoyed. It may sound awful to take sheer pleasure out of someone else misery but the fact that Gemma manages to be completely comedic when she is having an absolute nightmare doesn’t help. Despite probably being really well informed and pre-warned before she started I’m A Celebrity – she still thought that there would be people in the background offering her food and a better place to sleep. Who can forget when she stropped into the Bush Telegraph and raged “‘I need some decent food, I can’t eat porridge ever again, I’m going to die. If they don’t give us a treat I’m going to kill myself, I’d give anything for a bit of dried fruit.’’


Earning Her Divaship

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(Image source: Youtube)

Although it may seem like it’s all having hissy fits until you get what you want and throwing shade a Bobby for no reason – being Gemma Collins is hard work. When Ferne McCann joined TOWIE it seemed like she was the perfect person to take on Gemma, but they actually surprised everyone by getting along quite well. That was until they had a huge row other pretty much nothing which resulted in Gemma branding Ferne a c*** on the way home from a night out. Confronted with someone actually trying to make her accountable for her behaviour, Gemma retaliated by simply saying “I can, I’m Gemma Collins, Ferne. I’m 34, I’ve earned my divaship – and I’m not going to be spoken to like a bit of dirt by you.”

So next time you want to call someone a pretty horrific name just tell them you have earned your divaship and move on.

You Ain’t Ever Gonna Get This Candy


(Image source: Youtube)

I’m sure there is still not one person on earth who can work out why Arg was embarrassed to be with Gemma when the entire relationship was played out on national TV – but there you go. We’ve all had a boy be mean to us and we all genuinely started to feel for Gemma and it’s clear from recent episodes of TOWIE that there is still a lot of unresolved tension with Arg. So after being less than complimentary about her to the boys, Arg was still convinced he could get with Gem whenever he wanted. That was until she confronted him wearing a pink sarong which she whipped off to reveal a slinky swimming costume with the quote “take a look at this — because you ain’t ever gonna get this candy.”

Regardless, she went out with him anyway and girl power went completely down the drain but it was still epic at the time.

38701_190 (2)

When Mick Didn’t Give Her The Champagne


(Image Source: Youtube)

Another favourite from the TOWIE vault is the episode where Mick didn’t give Gemma the champagne. Now it may seem cruel to laugh at but he had given Gemma absolutely no inclination what so ever that he liked her in that way – so her dramatic reaction we he strolled past her to give Nicola Goodger the champagne instead of her was even more hilarious.

This episode will go down in history for years to come.

When She Sacrificed The Whole House’s Hot Water For A Blow Dry In Celebrity Big Brother


(Image Source: The Daily Mail)

Unbeknown to Gemma – there are actually millions of women out there who don’t have a blow dry on a regular basis. I know, this is shocking information right? Because Gemma’s hair is as fake as the niceties she gives to some of the TOWIE cast it had simply been ruined by the entire Big Brother experience. So when Big Brother wanted to step in and help there was a consequence – the whole house will lose their hot water. After gallantly making sure they could still have cups of tea, she went for the blow dry. Her defence?

“Everyone has bad hair days”.


When She Fell Off Of The Stage At The Radio 1 Teen Awards


(Image Source: Digital Spy)

No, I didn’t know what the Radio 1 Teen Awards were either, but they have certainly been put on the map now. In a rather unlucky kerfuffle Gemma was on the stage giving an award to Love Island and as she announced the award she performed an incredibly dramatic Gemma-esque spin which was too close to the trap door and resulted in her taking a pretty big tumble. Not one to turn away publicity in any shape or form she was soon tweeting that she was ok and that Madonna had done it as well. People have since come out and criticised how fake the fall looks – and Radio 1 are maintaining she knew there was a trap door there that was going to open up at that time.

When She Said She Was Suing The BBC


(Image Source: LADbible)

You didn’t think the worlds biggest drama Queen would fall down at an awards and that would be the end of it did you? No way, this is Gemma Collins, remember? Rather than do what any self respecting human would do when something really embarrassing happens and try to forget it – Gemma has told The Sun newspaper that she intends to consult a lawyer and possibly sue. Apparently all of the “have you had an accident at work” memes that have been generated since the incident have done nothing but give the GC ideas. Facepalm








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