We Heart Mondays Launch Event

image2-5.JPGRecently I was invited to the launch of an innovative new workspace in London that is available for female influencers to use, socialise and find out more about brands who have teamed up with the company running the space. Co-working spaces are a hugely popular idea at the moment, so I was interested to learn more about the set up and what the main idea was behind the way they were going to use the space.

The Premise

The premise of We Heart Monday’s is a group of female influencers from all different backgrounds who support each other and share ideas. In We Love Monday’s own words from their website:

“If you’re a blogger, social media influencer, freelancer, or you just love the idea of being your own boss, we are here to provide you with both virtual and physical spaces and community to help you be creative, work, grow, network, plan and accomplish your goals, collaborate, learn and provide you with the tools you need to love what you do so much, that you’ll no longer dread Mondays.”

The Workspace


The shared workspace is a beautiful room in Hackney. The closest station is Hackney Wick and although the underground isn’t particularly close (about a 20 minute walk from Bow Road), there is a bus stop directly outside of the industrial estate that takes you to both the nearest underground and overground stations (I commute from Essex and you can get to West Ham to get the C2C).

For the launch event, the space was obviously set out so that people could make use of the tables and chairs but also still have a wander and look at all of the brands that were attending stalls. When it is a workspace there will obviously be more in the way of practical desk space, and there is also a cool room with a TV monitor that you can use to film Youtube videos.

The Launch

The launch was at the actual space in Hackney on a Monday which was perfect as I had spent the day in the city going to and from job interviews. When we arrived all of the various brands were setting up their stall’s and not only were there loads of food treats on offer but there were also opportunities to have your make up done and do a bit of blogger speed dating. I did a bit of blogger speed dating with the lovely Sammi from Always Rains Glitter and the questions were really hard! One of them was “would you rather give up showering for a month or social media?”. Seriously, how can you answer that?



One of the things that struck me about the launch was how inclusive they made it by picking the right brands. I’m not meant to have dairy in large quantities but because some of the stuff was dairy free it meant I could enjoy a huge milkshake just like everyone else without worrying about being struck down by stomach pain on the way home. Another great thing was that all of the people on the stall representing the brands were super friendly and helpful and we were able to find out a lot about the products and how to use them.

I had my makeup done by the MLA Make Up academy and I could not be more gutted as my pictures didn’t come out too well. They did a luscious glittery nude eye though and I loved it. If you are in doubt about how good they are you only have to check out their Twitter to see how good they are. I was really thrilled that they listened to me and kept it subtle as I had to get a bus and a train home and was a bit worried about looking a bit hooker-y.

The Brands

The brands that the guys pulled together for the launch were great and from what I can gather they have ongoing relationships with them so there will be plenty more treats in store for anyone using the space.

Biotiful Dairy

Kefir is hot right now and Biotiful Dairy have loads of different products allowing you to get your fix.  Not only is it nutritionally good for you but there are loads of health benefits from drinking Kefir. They have a range of products but my favourite was definitely the Raspberry Kefir smoothie.

Bounce Foods


You have probably seen Bounce Foods without even realising as they the makers of bounce balls. They sell these at my gym and I usually have the coconut one and I had absolutely no idea they did a peanut butter one. Packed with protein – this is one treat that actually gives you energy rather than a sugar rush and a mid-afternoon slump. I got to take a peanut butter one home and I think I’m going to harass my gym to stick these asap!



By far one of my favourites, Coyo create dairy free yoghurt and ice cream with coconut milk. Again, I can’t have cows milk so this immediately caught my eye. While chatting to the guy about the products he gave me a pot of the plain coconut flavour and told me it was really good in curry. this was great as although the coconut milk is fine I am usually unable to put yoghurt in my curry. Because this was a mixture of both products and dairy free, I made a korma with it a couple of days later and it was delicious!

Lucy’s Dressings


Lucy’s Dressings had a stall where people could taste test – so I obviously went for the spicy one as that is seriously my thing. I don’t actually like mayonnaise or many of the traditional salad dressings – but I tried the Asian Dressing and it was amazing. They do cute little packets that are perfect for taking your salad dressing to work which is handy as I have had a tobacco smashing in the bag situation before and it was NOT pretty.

Pink Parcel


The guys at Pink Parcel were another one of my favourites. This is an amazing idea – a subscription box for when you are having that time of the month. Not only does it include practical sanitary items that you can chose and personalise yourself – but it also contains treats like make up and chocolate. We got one to test and it had LOADS in it, so I looked up subscribing online and it is only £12.99 per month, which is amazing for what you get in it.

Cupcakes and Shhht


Cupcakes and Shhht are an amazing, vegan, dairy free cupcake company that do loads of tasty treats including milkshakes. I had a freakshake with two cakes and some cream and it was amazing to me that it was fully vegan. It was so pretty and tasty! Their stand can be hired for events and special occasions like birthdays, and you know, Tuesdays.


There were a few other brands who’s stalls I literally didn’t have a chance to get round – but they are all long term collaborators so I am sure I will at future events.

Bloggers I Met

Always Rains Glitter

Kanndiss Riley

Eat Sketch Love

Rasa Podertye (London College of Style)

All lovely ladies, give them a follow!



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