Ten Reasons To Love Winter


           For me, the only things that compare to how awful getting out of my nice warm bed on a cold winter morning are taking the bins out and putting the hoover back in cupboard (seriously though why is putting the hoover away such a bigger task than actually doing it?). It’s safe to say winter is not my favourite season. This year though, I’ve decided to embrace winter and try and find things that I love about it.

Festive Menus

Is there anything better than the excitement of a festive menu? Although Costa now do a gingerbread latte all year around, it just really isn’t the same if it doesn’t come in the Christmas cup. As for food, don’t get me started on the McDonalds cheese melt dippers. You haven’t experienced sheer joy until you have driven through the McDonalds drive-thru and realised that these bad boys are on the menu.


I really think you would struggle to find anyone in this world who doesn’t think that jumpers are cute. Seriously, jumpers are amazing. They really don’t get enough credit. If you find one that is comfortable enough you’ll be able to spend the whole winter season cosy at your desk wrapped up like a little pig in a blanket. They are also a great way to hide any extra pounds from all the festive menus. Win win.


Hear me out on this one. I’m not exactly a snow loving kinda gal who would run out to freeze my tits off at the first sight of something white, but snow does have its benefits. Snow is the main, number one reason for being able to swing a day working from home. Let’s face it everyone who has to deal with a commute on a regular basis deserves a little treat in the form of working from bed watching old TOWIE episodes. I also think snow has the ability to make everything look cute, even Basildon town centre which is quite the task.

Winter Comfort Food

Winter is probably the only time of the year you can get away with eating huge portions of carbs without feeling guilty for it. After all, it’s cold and your body needs the extra fuel. I like to add winter to my long list of excuses for eating a serving of mashed potato that could have easily fed four people. Got to keep yourself going through the cold and all that.

Being Able To Regulate Your Own Body Temperature

As much as I love summer, I am always hot. Even in the winter I have to sleep with my windows open. The one thing I love about the winter is that when it’s cold you can either wrap up or turn the heating on, but when it’s summer there literally is nothing you can do but rely on a useless fan or some zircon that doesn’t really do the trick.

No Bugs

Yes, I am shallow enough to add this to my list of things I love about winter. There seriously is nothing worse than being nice and relaxed in a room and then realising there are two flies, a beetle and a giant tarantula invading your personal space. I don’t know where bugs get to in the winter and as a vegetarian I really don’t wish harm to them but my God am I glad they are not in my bedroom.

You Don’t Have To Do The Garden

As much as frost is a bit of a ball ache when you need to get it off of your car – it really is a garden God send during the winter. After spending the whole summer trying to figure out how my weeds can possibly still be alive after all of the poisonous chemicals I put on them, the frost killing them off naturally is amazing. I don’t even care if the plants I have actively paid for die – not as if I am going out there sunbathing is it?

Winter Candles

I love all of the different candle scents that come out in winter. They make the whole house smell cosy and Christmassy. Although Yankee will always be my go to for winter spiced candles, we recently had a Range open up near us and they do some amazing ones. My favourite December activity is lighting some winter candles, watching Love Actually and decorating my tree.

Christmas Markets And January Sales

Christmas does dominate the winter period (for good reason) and in December there are so many cute Christmas markets. In the city my favourite one is the market on the South Bank. As if being underneath the London Eye wasn’t magical enough – they have proper wooden huts selling all sorts of things from mulled wine to handmade gifts. If you are not shopped out after doing all of your Christmas shopping, then the January sales are a great way to combat the post Christmas blues. With some of them starting in December and going through to early February you can literally see the rest of the winter after Christmas out by buying things. Awesome news.


People that don’t like Christmas freak me out. Seriously. It’s CHRISTMAS. The Christmas period is the best thing about having to spend four months freezing to death with the sniffles. After Halloween what is seen as the ‘festive period’ starts and it just automatically makes everything more magical. During December everything becomes swathed in pretty lights, people are in better moods and it is acceptable to drink mulled wine at literally any time of the day. Even though it is just one day, the build up to it is amazing and Jesus did a right turnout being born when he did because Christmas really does take your mind off of the cold winter period.


One response to “Ten Reasons To Love Winter”

  1. All of this is so completely true! Can’t wait to take out all of my Christmas decorations and festify the house! Jumpers and Christmas Candles are also a big help in feeling nice and cosy 🙂


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